Not long now — June 5th approaching fast!

Everything is being finalized, tuxes are being rented… well, maybe not tuxes… anyway we are only a few short weeks away from the awards and we have a LOT to do between now and then so you may find that on some days we won’t be posting as much as we usually do.

Today we finalized the ceremony presentation order, now we need to finalize the winners! The five juries (who will be announced shortly, we aren’t giving out their names until the decisions are made) are burning their way through the material before we gather/meet to decide the winners. This year we’ll be lumping the awards into distinct presentation groups interspersed with Hall of Fame presentations.

Five juries you say!

1. Art – Artist, Colourist, Cover Art

2. Story – Webcomics, Writer, Cartoonist

3. Comics for Kids

4. Retailer, Publisher

5. Gene Day Award

At least the Hall of Fame Inductees are all decided! They’ve all been contacted by this point and we’ve received confirmation that almost all of them will be attending (yes, all of our Hall of Fame Inductees in 2010 are still with us) the ceremony on the 5th. Hall of Fame Inductees will be announced as soon as we have our nominees for Gene Day finalized. I’ve set a deadline of March 26th, but we may know sooner than that.