A look at the covers nominated for Outstanding Cover Art by a Canadian Artist

The eight nominated covers feature a number of different styles – from borderline abstract to photo-realistic – and are a nice cross-section of Canadian creators. From Vancouver we have Kaare Andrews and Igor Kordey, from Quebec Paul Bordeleau and Marc Delafontaine (also nominated for Outstanding Artist this year), Toronto native and currently living in Halifax and Florida – Darwyn Cooke has been nominated twice this year (and is also nominated for Outstanding Artist and Outstanding Cartoonist this year), there’s Ottawa’s Dale Eaglesham for his retro Miss America special cover, and finally Toronto artist Dale Keown .


* Kaare Andrews – The Immortal Iron Fist 27 (Marvel Comics)

* Paul Bordeleau – Faüne, tome 2: La maison du Faüne (La Pastèque)

* Darwyn Cooke – Jonah Hex 50 (DC Comics)

* Darwyn Cooke – Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter (IDW)

* Marc Delafontaine – Les nombrils, tome 04: Duels de belles (Dupuis)

* Dale Eaglesham – Miss America Comics 70th Anniversary Special 1 (Marvel Comics)

* Dale Keown – The Astounding Wolf-Man 16 Variant (Image Comics)

* Igor Kordey – Unknown Soldier 5 (DC/Vertigo)