6th Annual Awards wrap-up and thanks

Aside from some mailings of plaques, some updates to this site, adding pictures from the event and our annual wrap meeting we have completed the 6th Annual Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards.

I really want to say thanks to everyone’s efforts over the past seven months – this was definitely a year to remember and it was amazing that we were able to pull it off in such a short time. I personally think we did a better job of cementing what we do this year than in any other previous year – we placed the focus firmly back on the honouring of creators, retailers and publishers.

We will work to continue to ensure that these awards are focused and continue to be of benefit to the community of creators, retailers and publishers here in Canada in raising awareness of their efforts.

Everyone who helped out this year should take a pause and pat themselves on the back for a job well done – we made it! Phew! Now the word is getting out about the winners and I’m sure we’ll be getting some valuable feedback.

Then we can start thinking about what we can do BETTER for 2011. About where we fell short and what can we do to make things even smoother and more efficient.

We’ve already had some discussions with many of you about these matters and we’d be happy to continue these further.




Master of Ceremonies: Jonathan Llyr

Assistant to Jonathan Llyr: Sarrah Young

Presenters: Robert Pincombe, Jeff Brown, Mark Askwith, Joe Kilmartin, Jennifer Stewart, Jeff Lemire, Ty Templeton, Duane Murray, Robin Fisher, David Okum, Kalman Andrasofszky, Lesley Livingston, and Ron Kasman.

Powerpoint presentation: Tyrone Biljan

Special Thanks to Innis Town Hall, University of Toronto Services.

Award Plaques by Ace Awards, Inc.

Printing by Guerilla Printing of Toronto


* Publications: Laurent Boutin (Planète BD), Patrick Marleau (Imaginaire), Rachelle Goguen (Living Between Wednesdays), Leonard Wong (Vancouver Comicon), Jamie Coville (The Collector Times), Jeff Brown (Dork Shelf), Mike Jozic (freelance writer), Troy Wilson (author), Gareth Gaudin (Legends Comics), Jonathan Ellis (PopImage), Don McPherson (Eye on Comics), Peter Fisico (All New Comics), Lloyd Chesney (Legends Comics), Jonathan Kuehlein (JPK Comics), and Alex Kennedy.

* Webcomics / Publisher / HARRY KREMER / GENE DAY:  Robert, Allison, Jason, Chris, Tyrone and Scott.

* COMICS FOR KIDS: Beth Alexander, Diana Pai, Jennifer Stewart


* ARTIST/COLOURIST/COVER: Blake Bell, Amy Chop, Robin Fisher, Duane Murray, David Okum

* CARTOONIST/WEBCOMICS/WRITER: Dr. Bart Beatty, Patrick Berube, Eric Bouchard, Robin Fisher, Duane Murray

* COMICS FOR KIDS: Douglas Davey, Renee Jackson, Graham Purcell

* GENE DAY AWARD/HARRY KREMER AWARDS: Robert, Allison, Jason, Chris, Tyrone.

* HALL OF FAME: Scott Dutton, Phil Kilmartin, Phil Latter, Robert Pincombe, with initial input from John Bell & Bob MacMillan.


Thank you to the publishers and retailers who assisted us in obtaining reading copies and/or scans of the nominated comics to provide to our jury members.

Thanks to Andrew Gurudata of the Constellation Awards for his previous assistance with the awards ceremony presentation. Unfortunately Andrew was not available to do it again this year due to commitments at Anime North, which was held one week prior to the awards ceremony.

Thanks to Keiren Smith, who was to present the Hall of Fame Award to Deni Loubert but fell ill on the day of the awards. We all hope she is feeling better.

Thanks to the Dragon for sponsoring the Comics for Kids Award once again this year and for sponsoring the after awards event.

I’d like to thank the many creators and fans who support these awards year after year.

I’d like to thank the 2010 Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards Association –  Robert Haines (Associate Director), Allison Covey (Publisher Liaison), Chris Owen and Tyrone Biljan (who stepped in Art Director) and Associate members: Jason Truong and Scott Townsend.

I would in particular like to thank and welcome back founding member Tyrone Biljan back to the awards. He provided some valuable insight and was able to again provide his skills as a designer to our plaques, poster and powerpoint presentation.


Kevin Boyd, Executive Director