‘Fearless’ Fred’s Big Sexy Comics *Updated*

‘Fearless’ Fred can be heard on 102.1 the Edge, Monday-Friday from 2pm-7pm (Toronto Radio Station, 102.1 FM).

When you’re not listening to him on the radio during those days, and between that time, you can read some of the comics he has written, at BigSexyComics.com.

Helos is written by ‘Fearless’ Fred Kennedy, with artwork by Markham-based artist, Andre Fernandes.

‘Fearless’ Fred Kennedy: “This one was originally supposed to be a sort of biography of Saladin set in a post apocalyptic environment, but the more Andre and I played with it the more it wound up being a weird sci-fi/He-Man type story with themes and technology that was picked and dropped in wherever we wanted. It still has the central themes of a young man’s quest to unite his people amid the threat of annihilation, but we’ve changed a few things to suit our needs. The first lesson we learned: drawing huge epic battles is REALLY tedious, so expect things to be scaled back as we go … or at least until we have more time to put into it.”

Teuton is written by ‘Fearless’ Fred Kennedy, with artwork by Mississauga-based artist, Adam “Shoots” Gorham.

‘Fearless’ Fred Kennedy: “It’s a bit like Clash of the Titans but set along the Baltic Coast during the Northern Crusades. The old gods of Lithuania are warring with each other and using mortals to do their dirty work. It has a story arc that’s been planned out for 12 issues, which is kind of ambitious, but being independent means we have the liberty of playing with things as we go. There’s lots of swordplay and action with a nice dollop of druid/pagan magic. I think anyone who enjoyed Conan would find Teuton less than vomit inducing.”

Mike Gorbsmith: The Only Attractive Russian Ever is written by ‘Fearless’ Fred Kennedy, with artwork by Edmonton-based artist, Tony Skelpic.

‘Fearless’ Fred Kennedy: “This one is my favourite from a reader’s standpoint. It was easy to write and I think it’s really funny. The idea is that Mikhail Gorbachev was seriously mutated at Chernobyl and became really, really good looking. Since communists despise anything not average he was exiled. He also gained super powers … cause that’s what radiation does, right? Now he uses his powers to fight for the American way of life. We’ve only knocked out the first few pages of a 24 page story, but since it’s the first one we opted to have him facing his arch nemesis … Beate DuRouge: The Angry Socialist Beet!”

‘Fearless‘ Fred Kennedy will be a guest at Fan Expo Canada, where you will be able to check out some of these works in printed format.