An Open Letter From Jason Truong

To The Canadian Comic Book Community:

It has been one heck of ride!

Unfortunately, I am writing today to inform the great community, that as of December 31st, 2010, I will be leaving the Joe Shuster Awards.

For the past five years, I have been part of the JSA, in some fashion. Those five years have been fun, educational and informative for me. If it wasn’t for these Awards, I would not have known the amount of creators that have come from (and are part of) this great country of Canada, nor would I have paid as much attention to their works.

Jason manning the JSA booth at the 2009 Word on the Street Book & Magazine Festival in Toronto

I won’t go through a full time line of my time with the JSA, but it did start at the end of 2005, when I joined the nominating committee (reviewing the works in 2005, for the awards that took place in 2006). I reviewed a lot of works that I might not have considered getting when I was just browsing in the comic shops on new release day, while determining nominees for that year. This process alone, gave me greater appreciation to the works of Canadian Creators, many that I still follow to this day. This appreciation has continued to grow while I have been working on the weekly releases and compiling the eligible list. Though I am leaving the Awards, my appreciation remains and will continue to going into the future.

Because of my departure, please direct your emails to,, or, as my old email address will no longer be in use.

I would like to Thank Kevin Boyd, for the initial email back in 2005 asking if I would like to join the nominating committee, and for being a great friend over the years. I would also like to thank the rest of members of the Joe Shuster Awards Executive Committee (Robert, Allison, Tyrone, Chris, and Andrew), for their tireless effort with putting on these Awards.

All the Best,
– Jason Truong


5 thoughts on “An Open Letter From Jason Truong

  1. We owe a lot to Jason, and he will be extremely missed.

    He has worked tirelessly to keep our information as up-to-date and accurate as it could be during the last five years and I think his weekly contributions to the site have been important in raising awareness within our community of what is coming out and by whom it is being done. It’s a valuable resource that we will strive to maintain in 2011 going forward.

    Last year, Jason stepped back from the Executive to an Associate position in order to concentrate on school and his career, and we completely understand and appreciate that those are a huge priority.

    I think any one of us associated with this organization, past and present, would be proud to be a reference for Jason and I hope to continue to see him at conventions and other events for years to come – not just because he is a friend but so that I can pick his brain! LOL… seriously, best of luck to you Jason and HUGE thanks!


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