Retailer Roundup – December 2010

Are there any comic retailers out there that have comic podcasts? I’m aware of a small handful. Big B Comics does their radio show through McMaster radio, which is podcast on their affiliated comic news website comicbookdaily. The Dragon does an almost weekly podcast. Then there is The Watchtower podcast, which predates The 4th Wall by many years, but is hosted store manager Jeff Moss. Then there is Stadium Comics who record themselves opening up the weekly Diamond shipment and show you what they ordered.

Send along any other you know about.

On to the news…

Nova Scotia

Strange Adventures Halifax hosted superstar Canadian Darwyn Cooke and Steve McNiven at the shop on Saturday, December 18th.


Planete BD is hosted a double book launch on December 17th: Siris, author of Vogue la Valise, and Louis Remillard, author of Down on the Petawawa.

To top that Planete BD hosted Michael Rabagliati on December 4th. This was in support of a limited edition book les Extras de Paul. Not available for order, only available at special author events, this 3000 print run book is offered to customers that purchase any 2 of the 6 Paul books published by La Pasteque.


Comic Readers South lets us know that they will be moving on February 1, 2011. The new location is 4603 Albert St., Regina, SK S4S 6B6, which was a Rogers Video location.


It looks like another comic shop has opened in Calgary. Reboot Inc. is partnering up with a new shop called IT Figures, located at 2915 Richmond Road SW, Calgary, AB, T3E 4N3. A google search of this address directs us to a business called Red 5 Collectibles.

British Columbia

In the time since the passing of owner Terry Sillman there was speculation that Talking Illustrations may reopen under new ownership. This is no longer possible though, as the store contents were auctioned off recently.

Very distressing news coming from The Comicshop. They moved to a new location in September which received some press coverage, but “The Comicshop has recently found itself in dire straits – so much so that this week’s comics shipment may be in jeopardy”, which likely means that their Diamond account is in arrears. They are asking any customers who ordered product which is currently on hold, come into the store “in the next DAY OR TWO” and purchase that product if they “want to see us stick around a while longer.” This will help the cashflow situation and allow the store to “continue serving our customer’s needs for the foreseeable future.” It’s been a couple of rough years to all sorts of small business retailers, not to focus on comic shops. I hope this situation turns itself around, and all you The Comicshop customers: get in there and buy the product you ordered. I will say that every store has a different policy in regards to preorders but my guess is that The Comicshop would preorder anything and everything a customer wanted with no guarantee of a sale. This is standard policy in most comic shops, but it can lead to these kind of circumstances.

Greyhaven Hobbies was profiled in the local newspaper. I failed at finding the article, though.


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