Clement Sauvé (1977-2011)

Clement Sauvé, Rest in Peace

We regret to inform the community that Montreal artist Clement Sauvé passed away last evening after a heroic battle with cancer. He was only 33.

Sauvé began his comics career as Yanick Paquette’s assistant, but has subsequently worked for DC on projects such as JLA Secret Files, Stormwatch and the Human Defense Corps. He also worked on the series Voltron, GI Joe/Transformers and Infantry for Devil’s Due Publishing. He had also redesigned many characters for the G.I. Joe Renegades project.

On behalf of everyone here at the JSA, our sincere condolences go out to his family and friends.

Update 2:15 PM Ty Templeton’s Tribute – Ty and Clement worked together on the Human Defense Corps for DC Comics.

At the San Diego Comic-Con.

UPDATE 11AM: In my day job I work as a cancer researcher, and I am always taken by surprise whenever someone like Clement is stricken with the disease at such a young age, although cancer is a tragedy at ANY age. I strongly urge people to consider making a donation in Clement’s name to the Canadian Cancer Society (or your country, state or local equivalent if you are not Canadian).

This beautiful illustration is one of the last pieces Clement posted to his Deviant art blog.


If you would like to leave some words and thoughts about Clement, we would be honoured to know how Clement the person, or his work, impacted your life. Comments welcome.


5 thoughts on “Clement Sauvé (1977-2011)

  1. A devastating loss. We’re utterly heartbroken. I can’t imagine going to a con and not sharing a ton of giggles with Clément. :-(

  2. The first time I saw Clement’s art was during the development of some toy designs for Hasbro. I remember they show me the works of Clement as a quality reference and that blown my mind. All his art was so wonderful. Honestly I don’t remind of being so much impacted by the loss of an artist…
    Never met him personally but he teached me, through his art, great things about design.

    He was a great great artist.

  3. I am completely in love with Clement’s work. Years ago, I saw some pages online for a comic called Cross that astounded me. His mastery of perspective and detailed environments struck the perfect balance between bravado style and concern for narrative. I first saw his work in print when he took over drawing Stormwatch: Team Achilles and I am especially fond of it. He’ll be sorely missed.

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