Henry Cavill is Superman

The one guy on CBC's The Tudors that Henry VIII didn't have killed has been cast as Superman/Clark Kent.

He starred in the Irish/Canadian television show the Tudors, and now British actor Henry Cavill will star as Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s famous co-creation Superman/Clark Kent in the upcoming movie to be directed by Zack Snyder (that will probably be shot in Vancouver, British Columbia).

While I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t just graduate Tom Welling over from Smallville (which is also shot in BC and ends in a few months with Welling’s Clark Kent becoming Superman anyways), I think Cavill is a great choice and will do a fine job as the Man of Steel.


One thought on “Henry Cavill is Superman

  1. Cavill is an actor, people, and a very good one, who is also really good-looking, sharply masculine, with dark hair and a great jawline and good eyes. Think he’ll be able to do the accent, and he’ll look like Superman. If you’ve seen him in The Tudors you also know he’s a very strong actor. this is a really tough role to pull off.

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