Abominable Charles Christopher wins 2 Webcomic List Awards

Announced today — in a webcomic — were the Webcomic List Awards.

Congratulations to Karl Kerschl for his 2 award wins for the Abominable Charles Christopher: Best Black and White Webcomic and Best Long Form Webcomic

UPDATE! Also, Romantically Apocalyptic by Canadian creator Vitaly Alexius was recognized as Best Non-Traditional Art in a Webcomic. This series utilizes Photoshop to create a unique style Vitaly refers to as “Dreaminism”. Congratulations!

In other webcomics news, Fleen: the webcomics blog about webcomics had some nice things to say about the Joe Shuster Award nominated webcomics:

The nominations for Outstanding Web Comics Creator(s) /Créateur(s) Exceptionnel de Bandes Dessinées Web are, as is usual with the Shusters, the best slate of names to appear attached to a major award, and include Attila Adorjany, Kate Beaton, Emily Carroll, Karl Kerschl, Drazen Kozjan, Simon Roy/Simon Roy and Ed Brisson, Salgood Sam, and Connor Willumsen. There’s an enormous variety of works there, with different formats, approaches to comics, lengths, story treatments, everything. Though we may all have our favorites, any of the nominees would be a worthy winner. The Joe Shuster Awards will be presented 18 June in conjunction with the 2011 Calgary Comics Expo.

We agree that this is a great list of webcomics and it’s pretty comprehensive. We’ve discussed breaking it up into smaller categories like the aforementioned Webcomics List Awards do, but at the end of the day, (1) we have a lot of awards as it is, and (2) the way things are going, we may see a day when ALL comics are webcomics and we won’t need to differentiate between print work and online comics. Print publishers have already been flirting with day and date print and digital downloads and this is something we’ll be keeping a close eye on in 2011.