TdotComics website relaunched!

Last weekend, Alice Quinn and her crew of able assistants and bloggers relaunched their Toronto comics community news and information website TdotComics. You’ll find plenty of interesting things there, such as op/ed blogs, profiles and highlights from upcoming and past comics related events in Toronto, podcasts, a creator database and a whole lot more. From the About Us page:

TdotComics is your source for news on the Toronto Comics community. We go to all the conventions & chat with the creators & realized that we have a rich vibrant comics culture in Toronto & decided to focus TdotComics on exactly that. Comics coming out of Toronto, Ontario & the GTA. Alice Quinn created TdotComics & runs it to this day you can find out more about her in Bios. TdotComics is always looking for more contributors & more importantly new Toronto comics, We like to promote local talent & events so if you’ve got the scoop email us at

Creator Interviews, Comic Reviews, Nerd Events
We’ve got you covered TdotCity!

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