New Reliable Press to close in May after TCAF

Publisher Ed Brisson writes:

TCAF will be the last show for New Reliable Press. After May, I’m officially hanging up my publisher gloves and New Reliable Press will cease to publish any new material. The NRP catalog will still be available for purchase online, although by the end of May I will be closing down the New Reliable shop and Poseur Ink will become the primary online source for NRP books. Jason (Turner) has also started selling True Loves through his own online shop.

There are a myriad of reasons as to why I’m shutting things down. Part of it is that sales aren’t what they were when I started up in 2004. Part of is that I want to pursue my own creative work in comics (such as Murder Book). My own freelance work has also taken over and leaves me little time to devote to publishing. I don’t want to continue on without being able to focus my full attention to the books I publish — it’s not fair to the creators. So, instead, I’m closing up shop.

I want to thank everyone I’ve worked with over the past 6 years and everyone who’s supported New Reliable. I’m proud of the books that we’ve put out and am thrilled to have had the chance to work with so many talented people.

Please, be cool and continue to support small press. Check the publishers linked under “Other Publishers” in the sidebar. They all deserve your business.

2009's Jan's Atomic Heart by Simon Roy, published by New Reliable Press for which Roy was nominated for Outstanding Canadian Cartoonist in 2010.

Both Ed and Jason Turner will be making one final appearance officially as New Reliable Press at TCAF on May 7/8, and they’ll have the full NRP catalog of books available for sale at their table, including Turner’s 40 Year Project and Brisson’s collected Murder Book (for which he is nominated in the JSA Webcomics creator category with Simon Roy).

In 2010 NRP released Acts of Violence: An Anthology of Crime Comics featuring this striking cover image by Fiona Staples