May 2011 not a good month for comics: sales down 17.3%

Yikes! Another month with less than stellar comics sales – no comic books sold more than 100,000 copies.

The #1 book was Fear Itself #2 (drawn by Stuart Immonen!) at 96K.

Flashpoint #1 debuted at #2 (~87K)

Then it’s a morass of X-Men, Batman, Green Lantern, Avengers and Spider-Man related books.

The graphic novel sales lists were pretty slow as well – down 13%, with only one book selling more than 5,000 copies (Avatar’s Crossed 3D GN #1)

As for your favourite Canadian creators with graphic novels, hardcovers and trades that debuted in May:

#4 Batman and Robin Deluxe Vol. 3: Batman and Robin Must Die featuring the work of Cameron Stewart  (4,586 copies)

#29 Paying for it  by Chester Brown (1.852 copies)

Note: I bet you that more copies of Paying for It were sold on TCAF weekend than through the entire Direct Market in May.

#31 Superboy: The Boy of Steel features art by Francis Manapul (prev. published as a hardcover) (1,833 copies)

Then it’s more printings of Y the Last Man collections and Scott Pilgrim volumes until…

#254 Even the Giants by Jesse Jacobs (409 copies)

Which is just awful for such a great and unique book. As with Paying for It I wouldn’t be surprised if more copies of Even the Giants sold at TCAF.


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