Infinite Kung Fu: The Trailer & More

Debuting next week at the San Diego Comic Con — Kagan McLeod’s Infinite Kung Fu!

“The best elements of horror, Westerns, and of course, kung fu films are seamlessly interlaced to tell a highly imaginative tale. You couldn’t sandblast the smile from my face as I read this.” — Ain’t It Cool News

“INFINITE KUNG FU is glorious and deranged in the way that all comics should be.” — Warren Ellis, author of Transmetropolitan, Red, and Crooked Little Vein

Read the first 250 pages online at Top Shelf 2.0!

Infinite Kung Fu walks you through familiar corridors in the house of martial mayhem, but still smashes your face through walls of wonder and into rooms where kung fu is afraid to go.

Catastrophe has knocked most of the world back to the middle ages — and to make matters worse, the dead are rising from the grave as zombies (reincarnation gone wrong)! In this world, where the way of the fist is a way of life, ex-soldier Lei Kung must infiltrate the evil emperor’s five kung fu armies and stop him from destroying all life on the planet. Allegiances are blurred as techniques are perfected, and Lei Kung becomes less certain who’s friend and who’s foe in each chapter!

Fists fly, limbs are lost and blood vessels burst in this tale of furious rivals, supernatural masters, walking corpses, and above all, raging kung fu! — a 464-page deluxe flexi-cover graphic novel, 6.75″ x 9.5″