Booster Gold is now Canadian

In one of the oddest announcements to come out of FanExpo last weekend, DC Comics has announced that the time-traveling hero Booster Gold will be tweaked somewhat.

A member of the new Justice League International, Booster Gold will be revealed to be a Canadian citizen, representing his true native land. Whether he’s still from the future remains unclear.


9 thoughts on “Booster Gold is now Canadian

  1. Given that line of thinking, we can surely expect Darkseid to be from Alberta.

  2. Actually, he’ll have been born in Rosetown, Sask., enrolled in the RCMP after a few years working as a logger in Northern Manitoba, and finally get a posting in Vancouver. His dad will originally be from TO and his mom from Montreal.

  3. I like to think of Gotham as a separate state on an island. It’s less insulting to the people of New Jersey, who have been insulted a lot already. Besides, the comics mention the phrase “upstate Gotham” and I read that Batman films put Gotham state license plates on the cars.
    But,the province of New Jersey’s pretty cool too.
    Another possibility is that present Gotham is in Canada, giving DC as many bad-ass Canadians as Marvel has.

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