GPG launches The Black Diamond Effect HD App


A Worlds First! A new Comic App. Buy Once, Update Forever! By George Peter Gatsis.

The Premise: At large group of misfits, brought together to take on missions too trivial for real space detectives. Among the group is Joe King, Cryplet, Ms. Take and Syntax E.R.R.O.R.

This is a BUY ONCE COMIC APP and the following issues will be updated on a monthly schedule for free. Making this is the worlds first Buy Once/Update Forever Comic Book App! Once you purchase the App, all the updates (or issues) will be free. Issue 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… etc… Every update will have more pages added to the Comic Book App…

Once you buy this Comic Book App… You never have to look at your iTunes account balance to see if you can afford to buy the next issue… ever again.

And for those people considering buying this App, after we have released many updates… Guess what, you get ALL the content as if you had been there at the beginning.

What are you waiting for? Buy the App and your eyes will ogle at the art and your mind will be challenged by the unique adventures (loud echoey voice) IN TIME & SPACE!

Here is the link :

About George Peter Gatsis:
George is a multi-talented artist, creating a wide range of print and video content from Toronto, Canada.
He has been publishing the FIRST Canadian Computer Generated Comic Book series called THE BLACK DIAMOND EFFECT since 1990.
George has assisted in the creation of various publications, most notably:
em>1) Dave Ross’s THRAX (lettering & pre-press production);
2) Dress for Success: The Dirty Baker’s Dozen (pre-press production);
3) my name is SMITH: An Autobiography on the father of Nelvana Animation founder Clive A. Smith.