In Stores Today: Parker – The Martini Edition by Darwyn Cooke

Parker Martini EditionParker: The Martini Edition HC

Darwyn Cooke (w & a & c)

Darwyn Cooke’s first two Parker books, The Hunter and The Outfit, are collected in a tremendous, special oversized hardcover edition—with an ADDITIONAL 65 pages of Darwyn Cooke content—including a BRAND NEW story and a beautiful slipcase!

Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter graphic novel debuted in July 2008 to instantaneous popular and critical acclaim. It made the New York Times best-seller list and won coveted Eisner and Harvey awards. The second graphic novel, The Outfit, was released last year and was met with similar response, and is currently under consideration for nominations in this year’s awards season.

Parker Martini Edition VariantThe Hunter and The Outfit tell the story of Parker, Richard Stark’s classic anti-hero, as he returns to New York to settle the score with his wife and partner in crime after they betray him in a heist gone terribly wrong. After evening the field and reclaiming his prize, the Outfit decide to do some score settling of their own… and learn much too late that when you push a man like Parker, it had better be all the way to the grave.

This very special collection measures an impressive 9 x 13 inches and weighs in at 334 pages. Extras include an extended art gallery section as well as a brand-new 8-page Parker story by Darwyn Cooke, unique to this volume.
HC • Partial Color • $75.00 • 360 Pages • 9” x 13” • 978-1-60010-980-5

Bullet points:
•    Featuring an expansive section of sketches and preliminaries by the artist, with commentary accompanying.
•    The hunter was on over 50 “Best of” lists for 2009. Was named the best graphic novel of the year by The Village Voice.
•    Winner of Eisner and Harvey Awards (and a Joe Shuster Award!)
•    Features an all-new 8-page Parker story by Darwyn Cooke!
•    More than 60 pages of extra content