2011 Canadian Comics Wrap Survey: Ramón K Pérez

A child of the 1970’s, Ramón K Pérez was born early to immigrant parents in a small suburban town of southern Ontario, Canada. A visit to a drive-in double feature of Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica at an early age sparked his imagination and set the stage for his future career.

Now an established cartoonist and illustrator for well over a decade, Ramón’s catalogue of work is as diverse as the styles he employs. A firm believer that every story has its own voice, Ramón tends to manipulate his art to better fit the tale. He has garnered such accolades as The Honour Book and Official Selection 2008 Silver Birch Non-Fiction Awards, ForeWord Reviews’ 2010 Book of the Year Award, and numerous Shuster nominations for his collaborative works in children’s literature and digital comics. His repertoire of clients includes Archaia, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse Comics, Owl Kids, Scholastic Canada, McClelland & Stewart, Lucasarts, Epitome Pictures, Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, Clorox, various magazine publications and the people where it all began; Palladium Books Inc.

Aside from Tale Of Sand, recent highlights include Captain America and the First Thirteen, Deadpool Team-Up 883, Dazzler, Resistance, JSA: Classified, Degrassi: Extra Credit Volume 2, numerous covers for Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and his self-authored and illustrated RIFTS: Machinations Of Doom. Outside of comics, Ramón’s illustrations have peppered role playing games, children’s books, magazines, and advertising campaigns. His work can be seen throughout Palladium Books’ RIFTS RPG series, In Nomine for SJGames, various publications for Wizards of the Coast, and more. In children’s literature he is best known for his collaborations on Fear This Book and The Cyclist’s Bikelist for Tundra Books.

Outside of his Professional career Ramón is constantly fostering his independent works; Butternutsquash, a slice of life comedy, and Kukuburi, an otherworldly fantasy adventure series. Other permutations percolating in his cranium involve space operas, westerns, and crime dramas, but all in due time as every story has its moment. To peruse more of Ramón’s work visit ramonperez.com.

At the end of the day Ramón calls an old converted stablehouse in the middle of downtown Toronto, Ontario home, where he lives with his four plants, Boba Fett, curious affectations and ephemera, wondering where life will take him next.

What was your involvement in comics in 2011? 
– Max Finder Mysteries monthly in owl kids magazine.

– Captain America and the First Thirteen for Marvel Comics.

– Deadpool Team-Up 883 for Marvel Comics

– Jim Henson’s A Tale of Sand graphic novel for Archaia Entertainment.

What was the highlight of the year for you re:
(a)    comics publishing in general?
Working on A Tale of Sand.

(b)   comics by Canadian creators?
Was too busy working to pay attention!… Sorry.

Was 2011 a good year for you? 
I’m not complaining :)

Part of being on the scene is exhibiting at public events. Which Canadian ones (if any) did you support in 2011 and how do you feel they went for you?
Due to my work schedule I didn’t attend many functions in 2011, but those that I did (attend), I did enjoy and have a good time at.

What do you have coming up in 2012?
– Full release of A Tale of Sand (soft launch is happening in 2011, full in 2012)
– In discussion with Marvel regarding a limited series.
– Possible release of Kukuburi Volume 1 in the fall of 2012.

Any final comments on 2011?
it was a good year :)


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