Jerry Robinson (1922-2011) (Updated x2)

Jerry Robinson was the keynote speaker at the first Joe Shuster Awards ceremony in 2005 (pictured above) and the third in 2007. Jerry was a key factor in the foundation of the Joe Shuster Awards and the recognition of the life and work of his friend Joe Shuster. Rest in Peace, Jerry.

Sad news coming from the U.S., as it seems that legendary American comic book creator Jerry Robinson passed away peacefully in his sleep last night.

We here at the Joe Shuster Awards owe a tremendous amount to Jerry, as he was a very keen supporter of the program from the onset and our condolences go out to his wife Gro and son Jens.

Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan Didio, Editor-In-Chief Bob Harras and Batman editor Mike Marts have issued a shared statement on behalf of DC Comics:

Jerry Robinson illustrated some of the defining images of pop culture’s greatest icons. As an artist myself, it’s impossible not to feel humbled by his body of work. Everyone who loves comics owes Jerry a debt of gratitude for the rich legacy that he leaves behind. (Jim Lee, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher and artist of BATMAN: HUSH)


Jerry Robinson was one of the greats. He continued to be a vibrant, creative force well into his nineties (Jerry Robinson would have been 90 years old on Jan.1, 2012), with ideas and thoughts that continue to inspire. Jerry was a great advocate for creators. It was my pleasure to meet and work with him. He will be missed.(Dan DiDio, Co-Publisher, DC Entertainment)


It’s impossible to work at DC Entertainment­ without feeling the impact of Jerry Robinson’s contributions to the industry. His influence continues to resonate today.(Bob Harras, DC Entertainment Editor-in-Chief)


Jerry Robinson was an innovator, a pioneer in storytelling. His artwork was always astonishing, but his contributions to the Dark Knight mythology go far beyond art. The streets of Gotham City are a little lonelier today…Jerry will truly be missed. (Mike Marts, Batman line editor)

Ty Templeton has done a more detailed write-up on his blog:

Jerry Robinson passed away yesterday, just a few weeks shy of his 90th birthday. He was the last surviving member of the group of four men who created the mythology of Batman : Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Dick Sprang and Jerry Robinson. Jerry was Bob Kane’s first ghost artist, and probably the most important of the Batman artists of the Golden Age.

Along with writing partner Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson created the Joker, Alfred the Butler, Robin, the Batcave and a host of other important parts of Gotham City while Bob Kane watched from across the room and pretended to be the one doing it. Though Kane spent his life lying about the huge contributions that his partners made, comics historians did eventually see through the nonsense, and Robinson lived long enough to get his due as one of the seminal creators of our industry. There was at least THAT justice.

Batman and Robin, keeping the cartoonists’ drawing table safe, thanks to Jerry Robinson!

I had the rare chance to meet him a couple of times over the years, at awards ceremonies and conventions, etc, and Jerry was delightful and awe-inspiring company whenever I was fortunate enough to be around him. I’ll never forget the first thing he said to me, though: When I told him I was a Batman creator, writing and drawing the characters he helped create, he reached out to shake my hand and said (with a twinkle in his eye) “Where’s my cheque?”

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jerry Robinson…my world would not be the same without having shared the planet with you for the last forty-eight years. You gave me a childhood filled with unbridled joy and fun and I cannot conceive of who I would have turned out to be if you’d never been there before me.


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