2011 Canadian Comics Wrap Survey: Darwyn Cooke

Tell us about yourself – a brief bio/intro.
I’m Darwyn Cooke and the google will fill you in if need be.

What was your involvement in comics in 2011?
Marginal, at best.

What was the highlight of the year for you re:
(a) comics publishing in general?
To see the digital markets and online sales begin to seriously open up.

(b) comics by Canadian creators?
That boy, Lemire and that other boy, Manapul. And the old boy, Mr. Brown.

Jeff Lemire

Was 2011 a good year for you?
Yes. I am blessed with loyal readers and my editor is like pumpkin pie with ice cream.

Darwyn and his editor Scott Dunbier

Was 2011 a good year for comics?
Apparently. Sales seem to be up, but I can’t help but feel we’re nearing the end of something. I do think the future is there, just waiting for us. A few years ago I couldn’t see how we were going to survive, let alone grow, but now all I see are endless possibilities.

Part of being on the scene is exhibiting at public events. Which Canadian ones (if any) did you support in 2011 and how do you feel they went for you? Did you exhibit at any American events?
I did TCAF this year, and because I wasn’t hawking a new book, I got to just sit back and enjoy being there. It is, (I hope) the future of comics shows in North America. I do many American shows, and they all have their particular charms. We had a great time in Long Beach this year.

What do you have coming up in 2012?
A new Parker (The Score), a Vigilante book with James Robinson, and IDW and I are pursuing the rights to a very polarizing and inspiring piece of literature that will turn some heads.

Any final comments on 2011?
Just Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and may your God bless you, whoever you are.


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