Is 442 Bloor Street West the new home of the Silver Snail? (updated)

Photo by Aaron Lynett/The National Post * The Silver Snail comic book store on Queen Street West in Toronto.

Victor Ferreira of the Toronto Standard suggests strongly in his December 8th article that it will be. Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

442 Bloor Street West – Google Maps. Located at the NW corner of Bloor St. West and Howland Ave. Home of “The Futon Store”.

If this is the case, and Victor is correct – then the Silver Snail would be moving into what is  likely the most comics-centric neighbourhood in the country:

* as it will be 1.5 blocks west of The Labyrinth at 386 Bloor St. West

* and directly across the street from the Labyrinth is BMV Books (which has a devoted 3rd floor for comics) at 471 Bloor Street West

* it will be one block north and two blocks east of Little Island Comics at 742 Bathurst Street.

* and finally, will be one block north and three blocks east of The Beguiling at 601 Markham Street

*** UPDATE *** Sunday, January 8th.

A quick visit to the location and the Futon Store looks about the same as it always has. No indication that it will be closing or relocating. It’s a nice corner lot with large loading bays, but if it’s moving out so the Snail can move in, it certainly doesn’t look like it will be happening any time soon.


3 thoughts on “Is 442 Bloor Street West the new home of the Silver Snail? (updated)

  1. Interesting. It’s a shame they couldn’t have gotten the old Sonic Boom storefront, that would have been cool. Now it’s a Dollarama.

  2. I think that was looked at Andrew, but they were scooped. I’d also heard something about a shoe store that was also scooped.

  3. I’ve heard that they were gonna move into Greg’s Ice Cream store… but that too was scooped.

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