Chroniques de Jérusalem wins the Fauve d’Or – Best Comic Book Award at Angoulême

Comprising 11 prizes known as the “Fauves d’Angoulême”, the Official Awards of the International Comics Festival were given out in Angoulême on Sunday 29 January 2012, the last day of the 39th edition of the festival. They reward comic books published in French between December 2010 and November 2011, irrespective of the country of publication.

58 books have been shortlisted this year. The Grand Jury will award seven “Fauve d’Angoulême” prizes to books on this list:
• Fauve d’Or – Best Comic Book Award. The “Fauve d’Or” goes to the best comic book of the year, whatever its genre, style or geographical origin.
• Fauve d’Angoulême – Special Jury Prize. With this prize, the jury draws attention to a book they have particularly enjoyed for its narrative or graphic quality, or its original stance.
• Fauve d’Angoulême – Best Series Award. This award goes to a work made up of several volumes – at least three, whatever the final number of volumes in the series.
• Fauve d’Angoulême – Best Newcomer Award. This award distinguishes the work of an up-and-coming cartoonist.
• Fauve d’Angoulême – Views on the World Award. This prize rewards a book dealing with current world issues.
• Fauve d’Angoulême – Audacity Award. This prize rewards an artwork that takes an innovative approach, whether formal or narrative, to comics.
• Fauve d’Angoulême – Intergenerational Award. This award is a nod to the family spirit of classic comics, and rewards a cross-generational work that could appeal to readers of all ages.

A jury made up of booksellers from the Fnac bookshop chain will also nominate its favourite comic book from within the Official Selection. This book will be awarded the Fauve d’Angoulême – Fnac Comics Award.

Le Fauve d’Or – Prix du Meilleur Album est attribué à “chroniques de jérusalem”, de guy delisle (éditions delcourt).