Cerebus Kickstarter Project

Launched a short time ago, the Cerebus High Society Kickstarter Campaign has evolved into a campaign to create full-fledged audio and visual digital editions of the Cerebus graphic novel series. At the time of writing, the campaign has nearly 700 backers and pledges of upwards of $37K, but needs to reach $200K in order to… Read More Cerebus Kickstarter Project


Dave Sim’s glamourpuss to be collected — on DVD

The collected glamourpuss – Volume One (Issues 1-25). The first collection of Dave Sim’s Joe Shuster Award-winning glamourpuss will be a DVD collecting PDFs of every page of issues 1-25 including all variant covers as well as hi-resolution digital scans of the original artwork of every page before lettering. This release may be followed by… Read More Dave Sim’s glamourpuss to be collected — on DVD