Expozine Alternative Press Awards – 2013 Nominees and Winners

affiche-gala-expozine-2013xx-e1364964440845-960x1295Sequential has covered this already but to recap:

The Expozine Alternative Press Awards recognize the best publications that were on display at Expozine in the fall of 2012. The Awards Gala took place on Sunday, April 7, 2013 at Le Divan Orange. Montreal’s fantastic rappeuse Donzelle was the MC for the evening, which culminated in a performance by Montreal’s premier paramour of “Weird Funk”, Tony Ezzy! Click here for more info!

The nominees are (winners in red):

English Zine

Newsgirls, Andrea Clegg, B&D Press
Unwanted, K. L. Flannigan
Dan-D-Noser, Kirsten McCrea, Paper Pusher
Drop Target #4, Jon Chad and Alec Longstreth
New Inventions, Michelle White
St. Henri: Down in the Deps, Rebecca Rosen
Special mention:
The Possibilities are Endless, Jamie Q

English Book

Rae Spoon, First Spring Grass Fire, Arsenal Pulp Press
Guillaume Morissette, I am my own betrayal, maison kasini
Here be Monsters Issue 7: Tongues and Teeth
Oh There You Are I Can’t See You Is It Raining, Laura Broadbent, Snare Books
The Cloaca, Andrew Hood, Invisible Publishing
26 Bizarre tales of Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, Jeff Klassen

English Comic

You Can Never Be Me (Batman Comics), Patrick Kyle
Crud #2, Vicki Nerino
Heartless, Nina Bunjevac, Conundrum Press
Hungry Bottom Comics, Eric Kostiuk Williams
All Rumours are True, Laurel Lynn Leake
Betsy, Sophie Goldstein

French Book

La vie secrète des objets, Sylvain Robert, Édition cuisine
Volière, Frédéric Dumont, Les Éditions de l’Écrou
Les armes à penser, Shawn Cotton, L’oie de Cravan
Ménageries, Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard et Benoit Tardif, Éditions de ta Mère
Qui Vive n°3
Pavé et mémoire, Nicolas Lachapelle et Geoffroy Dolorey, Coopérative d’édition en Jachère

French Comic

Codex Montrealensis, Dimo Garcia et Gigiola Caceres
La traversée, Chloé Germain-Thérien
Entre deux mondes, Brice Artaud et Grégoire Mabit
Le Front # 5, Front Froid
Scio, Gabriel Lamarche

French Zine

Le Bathyscaphe
Histoire numéros 2, Shushanna bikini london
Emmanuel Laflamme
Sale temps, Laureline Mattiussi + deux finalistes à venir