New Canadian Superhero Age dawning?

Continuing the ongoing discussion — are we prepared for a new age of home grown Canadian superheroes?

Certainly there are many people who feel that yes, we are.

Some examples:cc

1) Captain Canuck the recently launched animated web series is spinning off in the near future back into the medium that inspired it – namely comics.

The new series is by the updated character designer Kalman Andrasofszky and friends.

tp22) True Patriot 2 (aka 2rue Patriot) — the first volume was successful enough to warrant a sequel, and the crowdfunding for it launches next month (November 2013).

J. Torres, Jack Briglio, Tom Fowler, J. Bone and more

The Countdown is On

3) The return of Canadian Whites heroes?

lemire nelvanaIt’s no secret that the publishers of the upcoming Nelvana reprint really, really, really want to do new comics featuring Nelvana of the Northern Lights. Will the Dingle family give them permission to do them or do they have to wait until 2025 when she becomes a public domain character?

Could other characters be far behind or already in the works? Is the race on to secure the licenses of whites characters such as Dizzie Don? The Penguin? Nitro? Major Domo? Iron Man? Johnny Canuck? Time will tell.

How does Mister (or Mr.) Monster fit into all of this?

4) Justice League Canada.

A fan created cover for the internet. Not the real deal.At New York Comic Con I was told by a DC editor not to expect this new title, written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Dough Mahnke, until well into 2014… after some of the upcoming events of Forever Evil have played out in the pages of the old Justice League of America title.

6) Untapped revivals?

Maybe James Waley should revive the Northern Light? Or at least collect the old comics for the folks that haven’t seen them…

How about the Northern Guard? Or Northguard?

7) Marvel – Department H (for How Long do we have to wait?)Origin_II_Vol_1_1_Textless

What about Alpha Flight? Is it time for another revival of Marvel’s erstwhile Canadian team?

The upcoming Wolverine Origin II will probably take place in Canada given it has snow, and wolves… and Wolverine.

COMICS_BANNER8) The Heroes of the North

Unfortunately the recent Indiegogo campaign raised about 10% of what they were hoping to get, at least Indiegogo allows them to keep the money they did raise.

I would expect that we’ll see more from this ambitious project going into 2014…


2 thoughts on “New Canadian Superhero Age dawning?

  1. Thanx for the mention in your 6th point regarding the NORTHERN LIGHT and I’m happy to say that he will be seeing a brief revival in a new short story in the ONE TRIBE anthology ( that will feature artwork by classic NL artist, Jim Craig … beyond that, perhaps a collected edition of reprints or some new adventures? … only time will tell!

  2. That was fast! Looking forward to seeing the story in One Tribe and you should consider a reprint volume of the classic stories while the iron is hot.

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