Convention links disabled

FXC Dale KeownA popular page on this site, which receives a minimum of 100 hits on even the quietest of days has had the links removed for the time being: CONVENTIONS ACROSS CANADA.

The page had not been updated since summer 2016 and the CCBCAA is taking a step back because we aren’t regularly updating the page, although conventions are taking place all of the time across the country and new ones are popping up seemingly daily. Nearly every weekend there are multiple happenings that would qualify for our list (having comics content – creators and/or sales of comics and graphic novels).

Another issue with the explosion of new comic conventions is cancellations. For various reasons conventions do get cancelled – vendor tables sales are weak, funding falls through, show is unable to book guests, etc. – and we would prefer to have accurate listings which means checking to see if events actually happen.

While we are certain that the page will be back to listings of some kind, we are currently discussing the best way to focus on accuracy and quality.