2018 Gene Day Award books received so far… updated 5/13 + News

gene-day-colours-revised-21Here’s a list of what we have received to date. All were self-published in 2017. The list is still being updated. If you still want to submit your comic for consideration please visit here. 

Submissions are now closed as of today (5/13) – aside from one package at the post office which will be picked up 5/14.

And now a special Announcement

This year we will be diving the Gene Day Award into two categories, the names are still being worked out, but essentially we will be moving Anthology Collections featuring the work of 3 or more separate stories with different creators/creative teams into a separate category.

Alien Toilet Monsters #1 by Eric Barnett and Carol Zara

Arkade by Mark Allard-Will and Elaine M. Will

Auric of the Great White North #3 by Davis Dewsbury, Andrew Thomas

Badassical #2 and #3 by John Fleming, Collette Turner

Beaver Damn #1 by A. Shay Hahn

Dead Charlie T. 3: Les Amazones de Venus by Thierry Labrosse

Dead Charlie: Alive and Kicking by Thierry Labrosse

Death Metal Duck Number 1 by Cam Heydon and Justin Heggs

Dominion Jack #0 by Jack Briglio and Dominic Bercier

Dryade 1 by Stephanie Leduc

Feast of Fields – Mor: Part 1 by Sean Karemaker

Fir Valley by Jason Turner

Gehenna: Death Valley #4 by Becka Kinzie

A Girl Called Echo Vol. 1 by Katherina Vermette, Scott B. Henderson, Donovan Yaciuk

Gladiasaurs by A. Shay Hahn

Greylight by Christopher Yao

happily ever after #1 by Ricky Lima and Nicolas Londeix

Heroes of Homeroom C by Anthony Ruttgaizer

Hey, Broheim by Wm. Bobo

Hogtown Horror Vol. 01 by Various

Jack Grimm: Harbinger of Death #4 by Gary Boyarski

The Journal of the Main Street Secret Lodge Vol. 2 by Steven Gilbert

Magical Beatdown Vol. 2 by Jenn Woodall

Maria and Worrywart: Comics about Anxiety by Jenn Woodall

Morgan’s Organs #2 by Daniel Brodie, Robert Jennex

The Monsters Brawl by Sam Noir and Christopher Yao

North #2 and #3 by Scott Sawyer

Pangaea and the Key of Mirrari by Dominic Bercier

Paper Route #2 by Sean Jordan, Alex Kennedy and Dave Howlett

Polybius Dreams #1 by Ben Grisanti, Keith Grachow

RAID.ONE  by RAID Studio

Read More Comix 3 by James Spencer, Robb Mirsky & David Craig

The Rangeroads by Courtney Loberg

Saltwater #2 by Mitch Cook and Keith Grachow

Shelly #1 by Stephany Lein

The Cold Fire: Chapter III – The Nightcap by Aaron Navrady

Those White Horses by Juan Sepulveda and Jaume Palop

Titi Krapouti & cie 3 by Stephanie Leduc

Victorian 4 #2 by Sam Noir and Matthew Tavares

Where is Zog? by Jeff Martin

Wrestlemon by Jeff Martin

Zelpha Comics Sampler: One Shot by Marie Jane Works, Luanga ‘Lue’ Nuwame, Greg Merritt, Dan Hammond

Zip Kramer: Savior of the Cosmos by Sam Noir and Marvin Law