2018 Gene Day Award books received so far…

gene-day-colours-revised-21Here’s a list of what we have received to date. All were self-published in 2017. The list is still being updated. If you still want to submit your comic for consideration please visit here.

Alien Toilet Monsters #1 by Eric Barnett and Carol Zara

Arkade by Mark Allard-Will and Elaine M. Will

Auric of the Great White North #3 by Davis Dewsbury, Andrew Thomas

Badassical #2 and #3 by John Fleming, Collette Turner

Beaver Damn #1 by A. Shay Hahn

Dead Charlie T. 3: Les Amazones de Venus by Thierry Labrosse

Dead Charlie: Alive and Kicking by Thierry Labrosse

Fir Valley by Jason Turner

Gehenna: Death Valley #4 by Becka Kinzie

Gladiasaurs by A. Shay Hahn

Greylight by Christopher Yao

Heroes of Homeroom C by Anthony Ruttgaizer

Hey, Broheim by Wm. Bobo

Hogtown Horror Vol. 01 by Various

Jack Grimm: Harbinger of Death #4 by Gary Boyarski

The Journal of the Main Street Secret Lodge Vol. 2 by Steven Gilbert

Mor: Part 1 Feast of Fields by Sean Karemaker

Morgan’s Organs #2 by Daniel Brodie, Robert Jennex

The Monsters Brawl by Sam Noir and Christopher Yao

North #2 and #3 by Scott Sawyer

Paper Route #2 by Sean Jordan, Alex Kennedy and Dave Howlett

The Rangeroads by Courtney Loberg

Saltwater #2 by Mitch Cook and Keith Grachow

Shelly #1 by Stephany Lein

Those White Horses by Juan Sepulveda and Jaume Palop

Victorian 4 #2 by Sam Noir and Matthew Tavares

Zelpha Comics Sampler: One Shot by Marie Jane Works, Luanga ‘Lue’ Nuwame, Greg Merritt, Dan Hammond

Zip Kramer: Savior of the Cosmos by Sam Noir and Marvin Law


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