Comics distribution resumes May 20

While comic shops have been struggling, as have pretty much every non-essential retail business, I’m sure most will agree that it has not been in vain. The unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic has affected everyone, everywhere, on some levels.

To that end we may agree or disagree on the benefits of having the main distributor for comics in North America out of action for nearly two months. DC Comics decided they needed a workaround and found two of their clients to act as distributors for their product as of April 27th with a handful of new releases each week.

Bookstores never really stopped distribution, not that you could go to one and buy a book, but they did have online ordering and shipping, so many publishers have already shipped out their graphic novels to booksellers, and those releases will be gradually making their way to comic shops in late May and in June.

But anyway, the mostly good news is that comics are back in comic shops on a wider level starting next week, on Wednesday May 20th.

Some stores are open, so you’ll be able to go and pick them up. You should wear a mask, and probably gloves, make sure you wash your hands…. you will have to obey social distancing procedures…. you may need to line up for a bit, using the six foot or 2 metre social distancing rule.  Be careful, do your best to avoid spreading and our catching coronavirus as it is still out there. If you don’t feel comfortable going in CALL YOUR STORE and see if they will do curbside pickup, mail order or home delivery. 

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