A Quick Note

The Joe Shuster Awards are 100% not-for-profit. We are not a business, we don’t make money, no one is paid… they are done as a public service because we think they are important to the Canadian comics community by recognizing Canadian talent. We’ve never applied for, let alone received, any government grant money in the 16 years we’ve been doing them.

We exist with the support of Canadian business, most of our sponsors are comic book shops. They are not expensive to produce, it’s our time and a small amount of money to produce the physical awards. We appreciate those businesses that have stepped up to give us financial assistance to do them each year.

The goal of the awards is to raise awareness of Canadians who work in the comic book industry, recognize outstanding work done the year before, identify new talent and collectives, identify books that parents and teachers can suggest to students/children, and promote great comic shops. Finally, we exist to promote the history of Canadian comics and the great Canadians who have been creating comics over the last century through the Hall of Fame and information on this website.