Happy New Year! 2014 marks 10 years of the Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards

cropped-541599031_dcca9f97ab.jpgIn Spring 2005 the first annual Joe Shuster Awards for Canadian Comic Book Creators was held at the Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon and a lot of great books and talent have been honoured over the decade since then.

As 2013 draws to a close, please join us as we present an overview of 9 years worth of Joe Shuster Award Winners.

Note that some winners in 2005-2008 were selected by public voting. In 2009 all categories became jury selected.

2005 – Darwyn Cooke for DC: The New Frontier (DC Comics)
2006 – Bryan Lee O’Malley for Scott Pilgrim Vol. 2 (Oni Press)
2007 – Darwyn Cooke for The Spirit (DC)
2008 – Jeff Lemire for Essex County Books 1 and 2 (Top Shelf)
2009 – Dave Sim for Glamourpuss (Aardvark-Vanaheim)
2010 – Michel Rabagliati pour Paul, tome 06: Paul à Québec (La Pastèque)
2011 – Tin Can Forest for Baba Yaga and the Wolf (Koyama Press)
2012 – Ramon Perez for Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand (Archaia)
2013 – Jeff Lemire for Sweet Tooth (DC/Vertigo) and The Underwater Welder (Top Shelf)

2005 – Kaare Andrews for Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus: Year One (Marvel)
2006 – Pia Guerra for Y the Last Man (DC/Vertigo)
2007 – Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone for Batman/The Spirit (DC)
2008 – Dale Eaglesham for Justice Society of America (DC)
2009 – David Finch for Ultimatum (Marvel)
2010 – Stuart Immonon for Ultimate Spider-Man and New Avengers (Marvel)
2011 – Francis Manapul for the Flash, Adventure Comics and Superman/Batman (DC)
2012 – Stuart Immonen for Fear Itself (Marvel)
2013 – Isabelle Arsenault pour Jane, le renard & moi (La Pastèque)

2005 – Samm Barnes for Doctor Spectrum (Marvel MAX)
2005 – Ty Templeton for The Batman Adventures (DC)
2006 – J. Torres for Teen Titans Go! and Legends of the Dark Knight (DC) and Love as a Foreign Language (Oni)
2007 – Darwyn Cooke for Superman Confidential (DC)
2008 – Cecil Castellucci for the PLAIN Janes (DC/Minx)
2009 – Mariko Tamaki for Emiko Superstar (DC/Minx) and Skim (Groundwood Books)
2010 – Maryse Dubuc pour Les nombrils, tome 04: Duels de belles (Dupuis)
2011 – Émilie Villeneuve pour La fille invisible (Glénat Québec)
2012 – Kurtis J. Wiebe for The Green Wake and The Intrepids (Image Comics)
2013 – Fanny Britt pour Jane, le renard & moi (La Pastèque)

ACHIEVEMENT 2005, 2008
2005 – Dave Sim and Gerhard for the completion of Cerebus. Begun in 1977, this 300-issue series is a milestone in comic book publishing and is the longest running creator-owned comic book series
2008 – David Watkins for using comics as a teaching tool.

PUBLISHERS 2005-2011
2005 – Arcana Studio
2006 – Drawn & Quarterly
2007 – Drawn & Quarterly
2008 – Drawn & Quarterly
2009 – Les 400 Coups/Mécanique Générale
2010 – La Pastèque
2011 – Koyama Press

2006 – Brian K. Vaughan
2007 – Brian K. Vaughan
2008 – Ed Brubaker

2007 – Dan Kim
2008 – Ryan Sohmer and Lar De Souza
2009 – Cameron Stewart
2010 – Karl Kerschl
2011 – Emily Carroll
2012 – Emily Carroll
2013 – Michael DeForge

Favourite Overall Creator – English Language Publications 2007-8
2007 – Dan Kim
2008 – Faith Erin Hicks

Favourite Overall Creator – French Language Publications 2007-8
2007 – Michel Rabagliati
2008 – Philippe Girard

2008 – Steve Skroce
2009 – Niko Henrichon
2010 – Darwyn Cooke
2011 – Fiona Staples
2012 – François Lapierre
2013 – Mike Del Mundo

COLOURISTS 2008-2011
2008 – Dave McCaig
2009 – François Lapierre
2010 – Nathan Fairbairn
2011 – Julie Rocheleau

2009 – Kean Soo for Jellaby Vol. 1 (Hyperion)
2010 – Svetlana Chmakova for Nightschool: The Weirn Books (Yen Press)
2011 – Scott Chantler for Three Thieves Book 2 (Kids Can Press)
2012 – Paul Roux pour Ariane et Nicolas Tome 6: Les Toiles Mysterieuses (Les 400 Coups)
2013 – Jo Rioux for Cat’s Cradle Volume 1: The Golden Twine (Kids Can Press)

2009 – Jesse Jacobs for Blue Winter, Shapes in the Snow
2010 – Ethan Rilly for Pope Hats #1
2011 – John Martz for Heaven All Day
2012 – Dakota McFadzean for Ghost Rabbit
2013 – Cory McCallum, Matthew Daley for The Pig Sleep: A Mr. Monitor Case

2005 – Now & Then Books (Kitchener, ON)
2006 – Strange Adventures (Halifax, NS)
2007 – Happy Harbor (Edmonton, AB)
2008 – Big B Comics (Hamilton, ON)
2009 – Legends Comics and Books (Victoria, BC)
2010 – The Beguiling (Toronto, ON)
2011 – Planete BD (Montreal, QC)
2012 – The Silver Snail (Toronto, ON)
2013 – Heroes Comics (London, ON)

The Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame
2005 Joe Shuster (1914-1992)
2005 Leo Bachle (aka Les Barker) (1926-2003)
2005 Adrian Dingle (1911-1974)
2005 Hal Foster (1892-1982)
2005 Ed Furness (1911-2005)
2005 Rand Holmes (1942-2002)
2006 Jon St. Ables (1912-1999)
2006 Owen McCarron (1929-2005)
2006 Win Mortimer (1919-1998)
2006 Dave Sim (1956-)
2007 Albert Chartier (1912-2004)
2007 Gerald Lazare (1927-)
2007 Jacques Hurtubise aka ZYX (1950-)
2007 Gene Day (1951-1982)
2008 Ted McCall (1901-1975)
2008 Pierre Fournier (1949-)
2008 Stanley Berneche (1947-)
2008 John Byrne (1950-)
2009 George Menendez Rae (1906-1992)
2009 Real Godbout (1951-)
2009 Ken Steacy (1955-)
2009 Diana Schutz (1955-)
2010 Richard Comely (1950-)
2010 Dave Darrigo (1954-)
2010 George Freeman (1951-)
2010 Serge Gaboury (1954-)
2010 Deni Loubert (1951-)
2010 Jean-Claude St. Aubin (1951-)
2011 Chester Brown (1960-)
2011 Todd McFarlane (1961-)
2012 No Inductees Selected
2013 Murray Karn (1924-)
2013 Vernon Miller (1912-1974)
2013 Arn Saba (Katherine Collins) (1947-)


2013 Joe Shuster Award Winners

jsa_poster_2013_lg2.jpgToronto, ON – Saturday, August 24. Earlier this evening at the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Jackman Hall, the 9th annual Joe Shuster Awards were presented at a gala ceremony hosted by the Toronto Star’s ROB SALEM and Cartoonist TY TEMPLETON.

The results are: Continue reading

Joe Shuster Awards Ceremony: 8:30 PM – Saturday, August 24, 2013 at Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario

jhJuly 5, 2013 – TORONTO, ON

The Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards Association is pleased to announce the venue of the 2013 Joe Shuster Awards Ceremony. The 8 2013 awards and 3 Hall of Fame presentations will be presented on SATURDAY, AUGUST 24, 2013 at JACKMAN HALL at the Art Gallery of Ontario, starting at 8:30 PM.

Seating: 200 – priority seating for nominees, their family and friends and other industry professionals, with limited general admission seating.

The Art Gallery of Ontario – 317 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON

The Art Gallery of Ontario is an art museum in Toronto’s Downtown Grange Park district, on Dundas Street West between McCaul Street and Beverley Street. Its collection includes more than 80,000 works spanning the 1st century to the present day.

Jackman Hall has it’s own entrance on McCaul Street, South of Dundas Street West (pictured above)

.About The Joe Shuster Awards

Established in 2004, The Joe Shuster Awards are Canada’s first national and bilingual award recognizing outstanding achievement in the creation of comic books, graphic novels and webcomics. The awards are named after pioneering Toronto-born artist Joe Shuster who, along with writer Jerry Siegel, created the iconic super-powered hero, Superman. The name is used with the approval of the Estate of Joe Shuster – Michael Catron, Estate Agent.

2013 Sponsors include: Guerilla Printing, The Dragon, The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery, Autodesk.

For more information please contact info@joeshusterawards.com


The 2013 Joe Shuster Award Nominating Teams

Awards Nomination - StockFor Artist, Cartoonist, Cover Artist, Writer: John Babos, Erik Bouchard, Laurent Boutin, Shawn Bryan, Jeff Brown, Amy Chop, Tyler Jirik, Mike Jozic, David Kelly, Patrick Marleau, Conor McCreery, Alice Quinn, Rachel Richey, Andrew Wheeler, Leonard Wong, Sarrah Young with additional input from Bill Code, Kelly Dowd and Andrew Uys.

For Webcomics: Tyrone Biljan, Allison Covey, and Andrew Walsh.

For Hall of Fame: Kevin A. Boyd, Walter Durajlija, Joseph Kilmartin, Ivan Kocmarek, Robert MacMillan, Hope Nicholson, Robert Pincombe, and Rachel Richey.

For the Gene Day Award: Tyrone Biljan, Kevin A. Boyd, Peter DeCourcy, Rachel Richey, and Debra Jane Shelly.

For the Harry Kremer Award: Anthony Falcone and Scott VanderPloeg. With additional input from Robert Haines (research) and the CCBCAA secret shopper team.

For the Dragon Award: Jennifer Haines (coordinator) and a team of her fellow educators: Beth Alexander (BEd – elementary) and Diana Pai (BEd).

The 2013 Joe Shuster Award Nominees / Les nominés pour le prix Joe Shuster 2013

Full list of 2013 Nominees / La liste complète des nominés 2013


2013 marks the 75th year since the debut of Superman by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in the pages of Action Comics #1. Tom Grummett prepared this portrait of Joe in 2005 that has adorned the Joe Shuster Award plaques ever since. Fun facts: Joe was left handed, the building in the background is the original Toronto Star building that inspired the Daily Star / Daily Planet building in Superman’s Metropolis. On the drawing table behind Joe is an earlier version of ‘The Superman’.

Canada has a rich tradition of supporting our national arts communities with awards that recognize the achievements of our citizens like the Genie Awards for film and television and the Juno Awards for music – the JOE SHUSTER AWARD is Canada’s national award that honours and raises the awareness of Canadians that create, self-publish and sell all kinds of comics, graphic novels and webcomics.


Joe Shuster in 1975.

They are named after pioneering Canadian-born artist Joe Shuster (1914-1992), whose clear, dynamic style and inventive visual flourishes set the standard for graphic storytelling during the infancy of the North American comic book industry. It was Superman, a co-creation of Shuster and his friend Jerry Siegel, that electrified the industry 75 years ago in 1938 and, almost overnight, transformed comic books into an enormous pop-cultural phenomenon.

Nominees were selected this spring from lists of creators including all eligible original works published and distributed during the year 2012. Qualifying creators must be Canadian citizens living at home or abroad, as well as permanent residents in Canada. The award winners will be chosen by a jury vote to ensure every nominee is given adequate consideration.

The awards will be presented at a gala ceremony in Toronto, open to the public, on the evening of Saturday, August 24, 2013 at 8:30 PM. This year the awards will be held in JACKMAN HALL, at the Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West, Toronto.

And the nominees are:

Continue reading

Award season continues — what of the JSAs? An Update is Provided

Okay, so the Prix Bedeis Causa were handed out last month, the Doug Wright Awards are being presented this Saturday night, and the Prix Bedelys are going to be presented on June 2nd.

Joe Shuster in 1975

Joe Shuster in 1975

What about the Joe Shuster Awards?

Well, they’ll be handed out in late August, and we’re almost finished with the selection process.

So far we’ve finalized the 2013 nomines for:

– Artist
– Cartoonist
– Cover Artist
– Writer
– The Harry Kremer Award for Comic Book Retailing
– The Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame (aka what I like to call the “Hinterland’s Who’s Who”)

There will be 3 inductees into the Hall of Fame in 2013.

Still pending:

– The Gene Day Award for Self-Publishing
– The  Dragon Award for Comics for Kids/Younger Readers
– Webcomics

The Nominating Committee for the Dragon Prize and for Webcomics have asked for a little extra time, while the Selection Committee for the Gene Day Award will be picking up some final books this weekend at TCAF to enlarge the pool of nominees.

We’ll be announcing the full list of nominees in a press release in late May, unfortunately we missed the Free Comic Book Day deadline I was shooting for.

The awards are going to be presented in Toronto this year, in late August – the specific date and venue will be announced later as well.

Nominations Underway – Part Two: Round 1 (Advancing to Round 2)


Please note: we do this for the purpose of transparency.

Currently underway is the nomination process for the annual Joe Shuster Awards. The 20 members of the nominating committees (there are 2) have tabled their initial selections.

We have two concurrent committees one for English language releases, and another for French. Ultimately we aim to have 7 nominees for each of these four categories – 5 English and 2 French. In the case of a tie, we may advance an additional nominee, increasing the final number of nominees in that category to no more than 8.

Results Round 1 – Having Received 2 or more nominations – therefore advancing to Round Two. Please note: this is not the final nominations list, the final nominations will come from within this list.


The following creators were selected by more than one member of the 16 member English Language Nominating Committee and therefore advance to Round 2 (the overall rankings where all are considered by every member). Any creator appearing on 8 or more of the the NomCom short lists automatically bypasses Round 2 and is on the final ballot (but we won’t be sharing who they were until the final press release).

ARTIST – 18 advance for five spots

COVER ARTIST – 16 advance for five spots
Del Mundo

CARTOONIST – 14 advance for five spots
Tin Can Forest

WRITER – 11 advance for five spots


The following creators were selected by more than one member of the 4 member French Language Nominating Committee and therefore advance to Round 2 (the overall rankings where all are considered by every member). Any creator appearing on 3 or more of the the NomCom short lists automatically bypasses Round 2 and is on the final ballot (but we won’t be sharing who they were until the final press release).

ARTIST – 2 advance for two spots
The nominees have been selected.

COVER ARTIST – 2 advance for two spots
The Nominees have been selected

CARTOONIST – 4 advance for two spots

WRITER – 3 advance for two spots

And that is where we stand. The French NomCom has finalized their selections for the ballot, while we are still in the midst of finalizing the selections from the English Language NomCom.

Watch for the final list in May.

JSA update and more on Lost Heroes documentary

So everything is well under way now here at JSA central. We’re once again aiming for a Free Comic Book Day (May 4th) deadline for our nominee announcements.

I must say that it’s been an enthusiastic year for Canadian comics so far, as there’s been a lot going on recently – especially for things related to Canadian comics history. The shooting for the upcoming documentary LOST HEROES has wrapped and the crew is currently in post-production mode, we eagerly await the final product. We’ve been lucky enough to be able to watch some of the interviews filmed at the Comic Book Lounge, and I think people are in for a real treat when the film finally airs on Super Channel later this year. Here’s the official blurb followed by the promotional poster for the film:

Lost Heroes is a feature documentary set to air on Super Channel in 2013. We explore the history of the great Canadian superheroes, from Johnny Canuck to Captain Canuck. Currently in post-production.

Lost Heroes explores the past of the Canadian superhero, from the golden age when millions of children read the tales of Inuit goddess Nelvana of the Northern Lights, to the thrilling days when Canadian superheroes returned to the newstands with Captain Canuck and Cerebus. Lost Heroes celebrates the unique Canadian talent behind these characters and asks why can’t Canada keep their heroes?


Mister Monster by Fred Kelly, Captain Canuck by George Freeman, Fleur-de-Lys by Ken Steacy, with Adrian Dingle’s Nelvana and other characters in the background.

In what I’ve seen of it, this is a top-notch, professional production and I think it will be a great chance to expose a lot of people to Canada’s comics past, as well as it’s present and future.

With the completion of the eligible English and French list I’ve spent some time perusing the lists to play my guessing game of who I think the nominating committees will be selecting for the 2013 Joe Shuster Awards, and I think that this year’s list is strong, but seems to working from a smaller pool than in previous years. That certainly means that a lot of projects by people absent this year are on the horizon, but I’m eager to see who the nomcoms select.

Currently we have 19 individuals participating in the Nominating Committee for  Artist, Cartoonist, Cover Artist and Writer. They come from across the country, but as per protocol we won’t be publishing their names until after they have finished their selections in case anyone drops out before the end.

Our Hall of Fame selection committee has expanded quite considerably this year, to make up for last year’s year off. Of the seven members, only three have participated in previous HOF nomcoms. Maybe I can convince them finally to rename the HOF “Hinterland’s Who’s Who”.

Creators who had work published in 2012 – Eligible for the 2013 Awards (French Language)

Thanks Laurent Boutin, Patrick Marleau and in particular Eric Bouchard for putting this list togerther.

Bérubé, Jocelyn (Alexis le trotteur)
Bergeron, Alain (Capitaine Static 05)
Boily, Luc (Gangs de rue 02)
Britt, Fanny (Jane, le renard & moi)
Chicoine, Nicole (Topinambus 01)
Desharnais, Francis (Motel Galactic 02)
Desjardins, India (La célibataire)
Fournier, Pierre (Red Ketchup 05)
Gauthier, Sévérine (Couette 01)
Gottot, Karine (Hop!)
Fontaine-Rousseau, Alexandre (Pinkerton)
Houde, Pierre (Oli 01)
Lamontagne, Jacques (Van Helsing contre Jack l’éventreur)
Roulot, Tristan (Le testament du capitaine crown 02, Goblins 05, Brögunn)
Sirois, Shawn (Planète Zoockey 01)

Arsenault, Isabelle (Jane, le renard & moi)
Beaudet, Marc (Gangs de rue 02)
Bouchard, Pierre (Motel Galactic 02)
Boutin-Gagne, Patrick (Brögunn)
Cyr, Maxime (Hop!)
Des Prez, Guth (Alexis le trotteur)
Dion, Jeik (Émeute à Golden Gate)
Djief (Crépuscule des Dieux)
Godbout, Réal (Red Ketchup 05)
Hénaff, Patrick (Le testament du capitaine crown 02)
Henrichon, Niko (Noé 02)
Houde, Richard (Oli 01)
Lachance, Louis (Topinambus 01)
Lamontagne, Jacques (Les Druides 07)
MiniKim (Couette 01)
Sampar (Capitaine Static 05)
Samson-Dunlop, Francois (Pinkerton)
Vachon, Jean-François (Planète Zoockey 01)
Voro (Été 63)

A., Alex (Agent Jean 02, 03, Lettre A)
Banville, Simon (Asymptote 02)
Bédard, Sophie (Glorieux printemps 01, 02)
Bérubé, Jean-Sébastien (Radisson 04)
Boloney (Manteau)
Bossé, Simon (Flâneurs)
Boum (Petite révolution)
Castrée, Geneviève (Susceptible)
Côté, André-Philippe (Docteur Smog 03)
Demers, Tristan (Gargouille 12)
Denommé, Ariane (Du chez soi)
Djief (White Crows 02)
Doisneau, Cyril (Le Havre – New York)
Falardeau, Michel (French Kiss 1986)
Girard, Pascal (Appartement 3)
Girard, Philippe (Mauvais Fille)
Goldstyn, Jacques (Débrouillards 05, Hugo et Marjo 02)
Grant, Michel (Mots dits jeux de mots!)
Kling, Laurent (Evan Evans)
Labrosse, Thierry (Ab Irato 02)
Lacombe, Jean (Fred et Putulik)
Loisel, Régis et Tripp, Jean-Louis (Magasin général 08)
Mikaël (Rapa Nui 02)
Parent, Raymond (BiBop 05)
Turgeon, David (Muse récursive)
Yoh (Québécois 02)

Creators who had work published in 2012 – Eligible for the 2013 Awards (English Language)

In order to be eligible the comic had to have been originally published in print between 1/1/2012 and 12/31/2012 and distributed to book and/or comic book retailers by Diamond or another book distributor. Reprints and collected editions do not count unless new material is added to it, such as a new cover.

Note that this list does not include Webcomics.

A separate list of BD creators and releases will be published elsewhere on this site.

The list is based around known Canadian citizens or permanent residents (3 years minimum current residency) who worked on a professionally distributed first printing periodical or book that debuted in the previous calendar year in one of the following professional roles: artist (illustrating a writer’s script, excluding cartoonists), cartoonist (writing and/or adapting a story that they also illustrated), cover artist (primary artist/artist team) and writer (producing a script that is given to an artist, excluding cartoonists).

Books containing collections of previously published strips or comics and/or translated works into English from another language published in a previous year are not eligible (unless a new cover is produced for the collection, in which case the creator is eligible in that category).

Limited release books available at special events and mailed or hand-delivered to a small number of booksellers but not widely distributed to all booksellers during the eligibility time period are not eligible until they are professionally distributed.


  • Chris Bachalo (Avengers, Wolverine and the X-Men)
  • J. Bone (iZombie, The Shade, CBLDF presents Liberty Comics Annual)
  • Nick Bradshaw (Wolverine and the X-Men)
  • Bernard Chang (DC Universe Presents, Demon Knights)
  • Adam Christopher (Horror in the West)
  • Marian Churchland (Once Upon a Time Machine)
  • Darwyn Cooke (The Shade)
  • Jason Copland (Horror in the West)
  • David J. Cutler (Heroes of the North Omnibus, Zombies vs. Cheerleaders)
  • Wes Craig (T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, World’s Finest)
  • Valentine De Landro (G.I. Joe Infestation 2)
  • Mike Del Mundo (A+X)
  • John Delaney (Bart SImpson, Bart Simpson’s Pal Milhouse, Futurama, Scooby Doo, Simpsons Comics, Simpsons Illustrated)
  • Johnny Desjardins (Kirby Genesis: Silver Star)
  • Dale Eaglesham (Alpha Flight, Hulk, Ultimate Comics Ultimates, Uncanny X-Men)
  • Brian Evinou (Horror in the West)
  • Jason Fabok (Batman Annual, Detective Comics, Justice League International Annual, Soulfire)
  • Andre Fernandes (Horror in the West)
  • David Finch (Batman: The Dark Knight)
  • Tom Fowler (Hulk: Season One)
  • Owen Gieni (Avengelyne, Slipstream)
  • Ron Gravelle (Horror in the West)
  • Tom Grummett (Avengers Academy)
  • Scott Hepburn (Orchid)
  • Faith Erin Hicks (Bigfoot Boy Book One: Into the Woods)
  • Mike Holmes (Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors)
  • David Huyck (That Stormy Night)
  • Stuart Immonen (All-New X-Men, AvX: Vs., Avenging Spider-Man. Secret Avengers)
  • Geof Isherwood (Heroes of the North Omnibus)
  • Tyler Jenkins (Peter Panzerfaust)
  • Dale Keown (A+X)
  • Leonard Kirk (Gambit, Marvel Adventures Super Heroes, Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates, X-Factor)
  • James Lloyd (Bart Simpson, Bart Simpson’s Pal Millhouse, Futurama, ‘Lil Homer, Ralph Wiggum Comics, Simpsons Illustrated, Simpsons Summer Shindig, Simpsons Super Spectacular)
  • Nina Matsumoto (Bart Simpson, Bart Simpson’s Pal Millhouse, Simpsons Comics, Simpsons Winter Wingding)
  • Alex Milne (Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye)
  • Steve Molnar (Star Trek)
  • Cary Nord (X-O Manowar)
  • Richard Pace (Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword)
  • Terry Pallot (Dark Avengers, Defenders, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, Marvel Universe Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Thunderbolts, Ultimate Comics Ultimates, Ultimate Comics X-Men, Venom)
  • Yanick Paquette (Swamp Thing)
  • Ramon Perez (John Carter and the Gods of Mars, AvX: Vs.)
  • Gibson Quarter (Heroes of the North Omnibus)
  • Riley Rossmo (Bedlam, Daken: Dark Wolverine, Debris, Wild Children)
  • Simon Roy (King Conan: The Phoenix on the Sword, Prophet)
  • Claude St. Aubin (Green Lantern Corps, The Loxsleys and the War of 1812)
  • Dan Schoening (Ghostbusters)
  • Fiona Staples (Saga)
  • Ronn Sutton (Honey West)
  • Cameron Stewart: (B.P.R.D. Exorcism)
  • Ty Templeton (Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man)
  • Marcus To (Batwing, The Flash, Huntress)
  • Michael Walsh (Comeback)
  • Doug Wheatley (Star Wars: Dark Times Out of the Wilderness)
  • Craig Yeung (Batman: Arkham Unhinged, Daken: Dark Wolverine, Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, X-Men: Legacy)
  • Marley Zarcone (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series: April)


  • Adrian Alphona
  • Kaare Andrews
  • Kalman Andrasofszky
  • Chris Bachalo
  • Nick Bradshaw
  • Nina Bunjevic
  • Bernard Chang
  • Scott Chantler
  • Travis Charest
  • David Collier
  • Darwyn Cooke
  • Wes Craig
  • Claudia Davila
  • Michael DeForge
  • Mike Del Mundo
  • Johnny Desjardins
  • Dale Eaglesham
  • Jason Fabok
  • David Finch
  • Owen Gieni
  • Brandon Graham
  • Mike Holmes
  • Raffaele Ienco
  • Stuart Immonen
  • Geof Isherwood
  • Jesse Jacobs
  • Tyler Jenkins
  • Ken Lashley
  • Dale Keown
  • James Lloyd
  • Francis Manapul
  • Todd McFarlane
  • Alex Milne
  • Cary Nord
  • Yanick Paquette
  • Ramon Perez
  • Stephen Platt
  • Michel Rabagliati
  • Simon Roy
  • Dan Schoening
  • Dave Sim
  • Steve Skroce
  • Claude St. Aubin
  • Fiona Staples
  • Cameron Stewart
  • James Stokoe
  • Tony Taylor
  • Ty Templeton
  • Sherwin Tjia
  • Tin Can Forest
  • Marcus To
  • George A. Walker
  • Michael Walsh
  • Doug Wheatley
  • Britt Wilson
  • Steve Wolfhard


  • Dan Bar-El (That Stormy Night)
  • Ian Boothby (Bart Simpson, Futurama, Simpsons Comics, Simpsons Illustrated, Simpsons Super Spectacular)
  • Ed Brisson (Comeback)
  • Yann Brouillette and Michel Brouillette (Heroes of the North Omnibus)
  • Darwyn Cooke (Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre)
  • Mike Gagnon (Horror in the West)
  • Kathryn Immonen (AvX: Vs., Avenging Spider-Man, Journey into Mystery)
  • Fred Kennedy (Horror in the West)
  • Jeff Lemire (Animal Man, Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE, Ghosts, Justice League Dark, National Comics Eternity)
  • Francis Manapul (The Flash)
  • Phil McClorey (Horror in the West)
  • Derek McCulloch (Gone to Amerikay)
  • Todd McFarlane (Spawn)
  • Chris McQuid (Horror in the West)
  • Ryan North (Adventure Time)
  • Ty Templeton (Avenging Spider-Man, Heroes of the North Omnibus)
  • J. Torres (Archie, Bigfoot Boy Book One: Into the Woods, Creepy, Skullkickers)
  • Kurtis Wiebe (Debris, Grim Leaper, Peter Panzerfaust)
  • Howard Wong (Shattered: The Asian American Comics Anthology)
  • Jim Zubkavich (Pathfinder, Skullkickers)


  • Sam Agro (Horror in the West)
  • Kaare Andrews (AvX Vs)
  • Chris Bachalo (A+X)
  • Nina Bunjevic (Heartless)
  • Emily Carroll (Creepy Comics)
  • Scott Chantler (Three Thieves Book Three: The Captive Prince)
  • David Collier (Hamilton Illustrated)
  • Darwyn Cooke (Richard Stark’s Parker – The Score, Before Watchmen: Minutemen)
  • Claudia Davila (Luz Makes a Splash)
  • Michael DeForge (Adventure Time, Lose)
  • Ray Fawkes (Possessions Book Three)
  • Brandon Graham (Multiple Warheads)
  • Raffaele Ienco (Epic Kill)
  • Jesse Jacobs (By This You Shall Know Him)
  • Jeff Lemire (The Underwater Welder, Sweet Tooth)
  • Francis Manapul (The Flash)
  • David Nytra (The Secret of the Stone Frog)
  • Adam D. Pasquella (Horror in the West)
  • Ethan Rilly (Pope Hats)
  • Jo Rioux (Cat’s Cradle Book One: The Golden Twine)
  • Riley Rossmo (Rebel Blood)
  • Dave Sim (Glamourpuss)
  • Dan Simon (Horror in the West)
  • Ashley Spires (Binky Takes Charge)
  • James Stokoe (Godzilla: The Half-Century War)
  • Ty Templeton (Simpsons Comics)
  • Sherwin Tjia (Serial Villain)
  • Tin Can Forest (Wax Cross)
  • George A. Walker (The Mysterious Death of Tom Thompson)

Gene Day Award update

Gene Day in his studio

Gene Day in his studio

In case you were wondering, we are now accepting physical copies of self-published comics and original graphic novels for consideration for the GENE DAY AWARD.

Copies can be sent to the Comic Book Lounge in Toronto where they will be gathered for review by the Gene Day Award Coordinator and the Jury for this award.

The comic had to have been released (but not distributed through Diamond or any official channels) between 1/1/2012 and 12/31/2012.

Deadline to submit is May 16, 2013.

Please take a look at the information page for details: The Gene Day Award for Self-Publishers

Welcome to 2013!

A new year is well underway and we are getting back to business here at JSA central!

Unfortunately, I was not able to run a wrap survey for 2012 as I normally do, work on the store and various events (such as the 24 Hour Comic Challenge we ran in-store this past Saturday at the Comic Book Lounge) have been keeping me pretty busy.

Currently being assembled for a late January release will be the LIST OF ELIGIBLE CREATORS AND 2012 PUBLICATIONS list, and if you want to be proactive and make sure your comics projects are recognized you can email me at kevin@joeshusterawards.com and I’ll update the list.

Current plans are for the nomination process to begin in earnest on February 1, so if you are interested in participating in nominating the 2012 award categories, you can email me at the same address listed in this article.

A later start for the process does seem indicative of an awards ceremony for later in 2013, and that is once again the case — as we have a weekend in mind, an event and a city in which to hold the ceremony, just not an official venue yet. Current plans are for the ceremony to take place in late summer at a venue that will be announced in March when the nominations are announced.

December Update

As the year begins winding down, we begin the finalizing of the list of eligible publications and creators for the 2013 nominating committee to make their selections from.

In early November we had some meetings to discuss the direction the awards will take in 2013, the positions needing to be filled, and a number of new folks have joined the CCBCAA team.

We’ll have some news on the various fronts in early 2013 as well as the city, date and convention that we plan to coincide the award presentations with.

As we near the holidays, now is a great time to consider buying comics or graphic novels for your friends and loved ones as Christmas gifts. We hope you’ll consider the many great works by Canadian creators… some recent arrivals that would make great gifts: The Flash New 52 Vol. 1 hardcover (by Francis Manapul), Parker – The Hunter softcover edition (by Darwyn Cooke), and the X-O Manowar Vol. 1 trade paperback (art by Cary Nord). Recently, All New X-Men 1-3 (4 is out next week) has been a bona fide smash hit (art by Stuart Immonen).

Congratulations also to Jim Zubkavich and Ray Fawkes for their recently announced gigs writing for DC Comics (Birds of Prey and Batgirl respectively), and Jeff Lemire will be moving over to write Green Arrow in February, and as Sweet Tooth concludes in early January comes word that he will have a new Vertigo series to be released sometime in 2013. J. Bone will be drawing a new Rocketeer mini-series in February, and Kill Shakespeare will be returning that month as well, as the original creative team reunites to continue the tale.

Late July Update

Things may have slowed down considerably here on the site lately, as running a store as well as the awards, parts of the country’s largest comic-con and a day job have really taken a toll on my time. I had never expected to own a comic shop, but The Comic Book Lounge + Gallery has been growing steadily since we opened it back in February. Huge  props go to manager Joe Kilmartin (formerly of the JSA Executive and former manager of Dragon Lady Comics), for handling the day to day aspects of running the Lounge.

If anyone has any interest in posting news items and articles here on the website, please contact me at kevin@joeshusterawards.com and we’ll get you hooked up.

It has been a very busy summer for everyone, with plenty of great news coming out of the San Diego con. A new series from Ed Brisson, Michael Walsh and Jordie Belaire called Comeback for Image. Also at Image, J. Bone will be doing a series called The Saviours with James Robinson, Darwyn Cooke will be doing at least two more Parker novels with The Hustle set for release in late 2013. Dale Keown will be joining Jeph Loeb for something called A Plus X.

Of course, the big news were the Eisner Awards, which have been summarized elsewhere on this site. Congratulations to the class of 2012! Darwyn and Ramon face off again in September in the Cartoonist category here for the Joe Shuster Awards.

The juries for 2012 have been selected and are beginning their review process. Thanks to the publishers who assisted us providing copies of nominated books for the jury to review. In this regard The Comic Book Lounge has become an official sponsor of the Joe Shuster Awards, providing some of the books not obtainable from the publisher directly.

It has been a big summer for books as well. Richard Stark’s Parker: The Score by Darwyn Cooke was released last week to great acclaim, the colourized Scott Pilgrim Volume 1 by Bryan Lee O’Malley and Nathan Fairbairn is set to arrive next week, as is Jeff Lemire’s The Underwater Welder.

Dave Sim’s glamourpuss to be collected — on DVD

The collected glamourpuss – Volume One (Issues 1-25). The first collection of Dave Sim’s Joe Shuster Award-winning glamourpuss will be a DVD collecting PDFs of every page of issues 1-25 including all variant covers as well as hi-resolution digital scans of the original artwork of every page before lettering.

This release may be followed by a similar collection for Cerebus Archive.

However, at this time, there are no announced plans for a print collection. No word yet on when, where and how this will be available for ordering.

Four major book releases featuring the work of Canadian creators scheduled for next Wednesday. June 6th.

THE LOXLEYS AND THE WAR OF 1812 from Renegade Arts Entertainment. Written by Alan Grant, pencils and inks by Claude St. Aubin, colours by Lovern Kindzierski, edited by Alexander Finbow, letters by Todd Klein. Celebrate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 with this 175 page, beautifully colored, hardback graphic novel features a 101 page historically accurate comic strip about a Canadian family caught up in the war and a 64 page summary of the war and itʼs implications for Canada and America written by acclaimed Canadian military historian Mark Zuehlke, includes maps and illustrations. $19.99 Age 10 and Up.

ED THE HAPPY CLOWN by Chester Brown. In the late 1980s, the idiosyncratic Chester Brown (author of the much-lauded Paying For It and Louis Riel) began writing the cult classic comic book series Yummy Fur. Within its pages, he serialized the groundbreaking Ed the Happy Clown, revealing a macabre universe of parallel dimensions. Thanks to its wholly original yet disturbing story lines, Ed set the stage for Chester Brown to become a world-renowned cartoonist. Ed the Happy Clown is a hallucinatory tale that functions simultaneously as a dark roller-coaster ride of criminal activity and a scathing condemnation of religious and political charlatanism. As the world around him devolves into madness, the eponymous Ed escapes variously from a jealous boyfriend, sewer monsters, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and a janitor with a Jesus complex. Brown leaves us wondering, with every twist of the plot, just how Ed will get out of this scrape. The intimate, tangled world of Ed the Happy Clown is definitively presented here, repackaged with a new foreword by the author and an extensive notes section, and, as with every Brown book, astonishingly perceptive about the zeitgeist of its time. Hardcover, B/W, 240 pages.$24.95

BACK ALLEYS AND URBAN LANDSCAPES by Michael Cho. Drawn and Quarterly. Michael Cho began creating drawings of the back alleys near his Toronto home in 2008. With this book, he has amassed a collection that speaks to the beauty of the urban landscape: sometimes grittily citified, sometimes unexpectedly pastoral, and always bewitching. Cho is a skilled draftsman, and Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes shines with lovingly rendered details, from expletive-filled graffiti splayed across backyard fences to the graceful twists of power lines over a bend in the road. Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes meanders through the city, functioning as a sort of caught on-paper psychogeographical Jane’s Walk. With each season’s change, different color schemes become dominant, and a whole range of moods and moments are articulated. Cho lets the reader visit his city as a virtual flaneur, lingering equally over dilapidated sheds and well-groomed gardens in a dazzling tribute to the urban environs. Paperback, 9.75 X 7.5, full colour, 80 pages. $19.95.

PRINCE VALIANT VOL. 5: 1945-46 by Hal Foster. Fantagraphics Books. Fully half of this latest volume of Hal Foster’s epic masterpiece — again scanned from superb syndicate proofs — is devoted to the remaining chapters of “The Winning of Aleta,” a 20-month (!) epic in which Valiant obsessively pursues his bride to be. Not surprisingly this is followed by a sequence called “Matrimony,” which ends with a newly wed queen adjusting to the luxurious, exciting court life at Camelot. But Val’s marriage does not signal an end to his adventures, quite the contrary. In “War in the Forest” Val is sent out to spy on encroaching Saxons — unknowingly aided by Aleta, who, disguised as a small knight (and dubbed “Sir Puny”) helps prevent disaster. But the 1946 strips end with Val and Aleta unable to return to Camelot and the displaced couple journeying to Thule… Half the strips in this volume also include the delightful “The Medieval Castle,” Foster’s chronicle of two young boys growing up during the time of the First Crusade — but by the end of the 1945 strips this series has ended and the Valiant portion resume its full-page glory. This volume also features a Foreword by P. Craig Russell, a gallery of Hal Foster’s commercial illustration work and an essay titled “Aleta: Water Nymph of the Misty Isles” by Brian M. Kane. With stunning art reproduced directly from pristine printer’s proofs, Fantagraphics has introduced a new generation to Foster’s masterpiece, while providing long-time fans with the ultimate, definitive version of the strip. Hardcover, 112 pages, full colour. $29.99

It’s coming… Scott Pilgrim in Colour

This August, Oni Press and Bryan Lee O’Malley will be bringing the uber-popular Scott Pilgrim series back to store shelves, but this time as an ultra-swank, 6 X 9, full-color hardcover edition. Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover, Volume 1 reprints the Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life for the first time in full color. The digital coloring is by the Shuster Award-nominated (and WINNING) artist Nathan Fairbairn, the colorist for Batman Incorporated and Swamp Thing, and the whole thing is capped with a new cover from O’Malley.

“Everybody loves Bryan’s black-and-white artwork,” series editor James Lucas Jones explained, “but after seeing the few color stories he did with Scott and the gang, it was hard to avoid imagining a ‘what if?’ scenario. Now those wild dreams have come true. And to have one of the best colorists in the industry at the helm, that just seals the deal.”

“It’s been eight years since the first Scott Pilgrim book was published,” Oni marketing director Cory Casoni added. “Since then, the series has seen over twenty first reprints of the original format, with over a million copies of the first volumes sold. Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover, Volume 1 takes the familiar story from the original Scott Pilgrim series and gives it a new look. Plus it includes previously unpublished extras and bonus materials making this mighty tome one that’s required reading for Scottaholics everywhere!”

Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover, Volume 1 will be the first of six hardcover reprints to be published bi-annually. Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover, Volume 2 is currently scheduled for an October 2012 release.

Each volume will be sized at 6” x 9”, making it bigger than the original versions, as well. “We’re upgrading the presentation in every way,” Jones said. “The traditional black-and-white versions will be there for those who still prefer that option, but now everyone can have a choice. One, the other, or both!”

Scheduled for a August 8th, 2012 publication date, Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover, Volume 1 will retail for $24.99.

Help “Little Heart” Anthology get published! Featuring Emily Carroll!

Here’s another great project that needs your help! Little Heart is a comics anthology created to show support for marriage equality. It was initially created to raise awareness of a coming referendum in Minnesota, but it’s spread much wider. It also happens to feature JSA winner Emily Carroll and her fiancee Kate Craig, as well as many other great artists, plus a forward written by TCAF co-founder Christopher Butcher. The campaign is doing quite well so far but needs all the support it can get. Head over to Kickstarter to donate!

Help Publish Murder Book Vol. 3!

I’m a big fan of crowdsourced comics, and here’s a chance to help out a JSA nominee! Ed Brisson’s fantastic Murder Book series has already had two issues published, and now Volume 3 is coming out in March. You can help out for $7 and get a fresh, signed copy when it’s printed, shipping included! Or even better, throw in a few dollars more and you can get the back issues of Murder Book as well as Ed’s amazing Acts Of Violence anthology.  It’s a great way to get money directly to the creators. Check it out at Indie Go-Go and choose your level of support.