Eligible Creators and their 2008 publications (English Language) list is ready for review


CCBCAA member Jason Truong has released his list of eligible creators for works published in 2008. The list was compiled over the last six weeks using information provided from a number of different sources, such as Diamond Distributors and publishing websites.


As always, we publish the lists here on the website so that people can indicate if there are any missing entries or corrections that need to be made. There will be a separate entry for the French language works as soon as it has been completed and checked.

Please let us know by contacting Jason directly at jason@joeshusterawards.com or by replying to this entry.

The criteria for eligibility is simple: it must be NEW work, published for the first time (i.e. distributed) between January 1 and December 31, 2008. Translated works are not considered as eligible new work, nor are collections of material previously available in another format (such as webcomics).

At this time we do not have a category for Inkers, although this is being discussed.

It should also be noted that COMICS ARE A COLLABORATIVE MEDIUM, and that while these awards are handed out along the specific category guidelines of Writer, Artist, etc. it should be noted that almost all members of a comic’s creative team have some input in the storytelling process, particularly writers and artists.