Updates are pouring in – keep them coming!

Thanks to the many individuals who have already sent in information regarding eligible creators who may not be on the eligible creator list. We will be updating the lists as soon as the information is confirmed.

We would just like to remind you that some people may not be on the list for the following reasons:

1. Their 2008 publication qualifies as a reprint. What qualifies as a reprint?

Webcomic collections (if the webcomic was created in 2008 it would qualify as a new webcomic for the webcomic award)

Translated works (previously published in French and considered in a previous year)

– A Previously Published book that has been brought back into print.

Please note: If new story material (aside from a new cover) was added, then the collection does qualify as a new work.  

2. Writers must have written a sequential art story. Books about comics do not qualify for this category, but can be considered for the Achievement category.

Also, if you have concerns re: a nominees nationality, please contact us. General rules are that the person must be a Canadian citizen (including Canadians who reside abroad) or a permanent resident here in Canada.