Cerebus: A Diablog launches

Cerebus 1 - 1977
Cerebus 1 - 1977

Writers Leigh Walton (Top Shelf) and Laura Hudson (Comics Foundry) launched Cerebus: A Diablog today (January 7). Each week the writers will look at an individual issue of Cerebus, starting with the first issue (today). Cerebus, by Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame Inductee and Aardvark-Vanaheim publisher Dave Sim, ran from 1977-2004. 

From the About section of the site:

Cerebus is one of the most interesting and significant works in the history of American comics. Created by controversial artist and writer Dave Sim, it ran for 300 issues, 6,000 pages, and 27 years (from 1977 to 2004). It’s one of those books that everyone talks about but few have read all the way through (for more reasons that just its size). For more, see Wikipedia, or for crazy details, see the Cerebus Wiki maintained by Margaret aka Cerebusfangirl.

Laura Hudson is a freelance writer, senior editor of Comic Foundry magazine, and contributing editor for the Publishers Weekly Comics Week newsletter. She has covered comics for Publishers Weekly and PWCW, Complex magazine, MTV’s Splash Page blog, and The Daily Cross Hatch. She studied English Literature, Poetry and Linguistics at Brown University. Her own blog is called Myriad Issues.

Leigh Walton is marketing coordinator and web editor of Top Shelf Productions, publishers of fine books and comics. He is co-editor, with Brett Warnock, of the webcomics site Top Shelf 2.0, which updates each weekday. He keeps an irregular blog, Picture Poetry, about comics and other arts. He studied Classics and poetry translation at Reed College.

Cerebus: A Diablog (or sometimes Cereblog) is an ongoing close reading in two-part harmony. Neither of us was born yet when Cerebus was launched, and neither of us has previously read very much of the series. We’re curious to see what Dave Sim’s work, in all its twisted glory, has to say to a new generation of readers. Grab your own copy and read along with us!