Eligible Creators List – keep the feedback coming!

Kramer's Ergot 7
Kramer's Ergot 7

Thanks for your help!

Jason has been doing updates to the master list as we have been getting the information and updates in from people, so please make sure to let him know if there’s something wrong or missing from the Eligible list.

We’ve received a lot of great information already about Canadians who have contributions to comics anthologies like Kramer’s Ergot, Flight, Comic Eye, You Ain’t No Dancer and Meathaus S.O.S. 

Send any updates/corrections/additions to jason@joeshusterawards.com


I’m currently in the process of finalizing our Nominating Committee for this year. Plans are to begin the process next Monday, January 12th. On that day we will be announcing who our Judges are this year for the English Language Publications.