January 14th, 2009 Releases featuring Canadian Creators

If I have missed any works by Canadian Comic Book Creators, please leave a comment, or send me an email at jason@joeshusterawards.com.

Action Comics #873 – DC US$3.99
Cover coloured by Brad Anderson.

Amazing Spider-Man #583 – Marvel US$3.99
Barack Obama Variant Cover coloured by Chris Chuckry.

Big Hero 6 #5 – Marvel US$3.99
Inked by Terry Pallot.

Captain Britain And MI 13 #9 – Marvel US$2.99
Features artwork by Leonard Kirk, and cover by Stuart Immonen.

House Of Mystery Vol 1: Room And Boredom Trade Paperback DC/Vertigo US$9.99
Features a short story with artwork by Steve Rolston.

Hulk Visionaries Vol. 6: Peter David Trade Paperback – Marvel US$29.99
Features artwork and cover by Dale Keown.

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man Iron Man Hulk – Triple Threat Trade Paperback Digest – Marvel US$9.99
Features artwork by Alvin Lee, inked by Terry Pallot.

Resistance #1 – DC/Wildstorm US$3.99
Features artwork by Ramon K. Perez. Based on the best-selling video game for Sony Playstation 3.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Last Generation #3 – IDW US$3.99
Inked by Terry Pallot.

Super Friends #11 – DC/Johnny US$2.50
Features a cover by J. Bone.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Vol 2 Trade Paperback – DC/Vertigo US$14.99
Features a story with artwork by Wes Craig.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Movie Prequel: Alliance #2 – IDW US$3.99
Features artwork, a regular cover, and an incentive cover by Alex Milne.

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz #2 – Marvel US$3.99
Coloured by Jean-Francois Beaulieu.

X-Infernus #2 – Marvel US$3.99
Inked by Craig Yeung, and features a cover by David Finch.