Industry News: Diamond Changes Thresholds for Publishers

Source: Newsarama

According to various sources across the internet, Diamond will be ending the print edition of its Previews Adult Supplement catalog (which lists all adult comics and products offered to retailers from various publishers), and, due to economic conditions, is raising the purchase order benchmark from $1500 to $2500. The distributor began informing publishers of the change last week by phone.

While the change sounds like something that it may not affect readers, the move may result in the disappearance of many small press and independent titles from store shelves unless alternative means of distribution are found, and retailers take advantage of them.

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Many Canadian publishers solicit books through Diamond Previews such as Drawn & Quarterly, Aardvark-Vanaheim, Red 5 Comics, Arcana Studio, and Udon Entertainment. While some of those publishers have been pursuing alternate avenues to distribute their products, such as through bookstores, many are solely reliant on orders from direct market comics retailers through Diamond.

Since the mid-1990’s and the closing of Andromeda, Styx and Multi-Book there have been no Canadian direct market distributors.

Obviously there is a lot of discussion on the potential ramifications of these changes across the interweb.

UPDATED: Also at Newsarama, Matt Brady interviews Diamond’s Bill Schanes about the changes Diamond will be making to their catalog and benchmarks.