More on The Incredibles: Family Matters

Source: Comic Book Resources

Following up on our interview with penciller Marcio Takara, CBR’s Shaun Manning gets the full scoop on The Incredibles: Family Matters series from writer/editor Mark Waid and more about Boom! Studios publishing efforts for younger readers.

Marcio Takara’s art on “The Incredibles” is a departure from the movie’s CG effects, but is also quite different from styles seen in many all-ages comics. “Pixar specifically asked us not to do the 3-D CGI look, because they realized, and we realized it too, that’s great for their movies but that’s not necessarily comics at its rawest,” Waid explained. “If you’re going to do comics, be unapologetic about it and do comics. And so we turned to Marcio and said don’t make it look like your standard Johnny DC Cartoon Network book, it shouldn’t look necessarily like it’s all kid-ified, but certainly bring that energy to it.

The Incredibles by Marcio Takara (from #1)
The Incredibles by Marcio Takara (from #1)

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