In the Press: Drew Hussey’s Super ambition

Graphic artist aims to turn longtime hobby into a career

Source: The Brantford Expositor

Drew Hussey has spent more than two decades with a throng of superheroes who are now taking on what might be their fiercest battle of all — breaking into the business of graphic art.

In his home office, surrounded by dozens of action figures and posters of the Marvel characters that helped shaped his youth — Spider-Man, the Hulk, Batman, Wolverine — Hussey labours over his work. The 31-year-old Brantford artist says he has created “hundreds upon hundreds” of comic characters since he first put pencil to paper as a child, inspired by copious doses of Saturday morning cartoons.

The result is a vast collection of artwork stored in portfolios, cardboard boxes and, now, a computer hard drive, just waiting for the opportunity to take on the world.

“I love storytelling. I love to create concepts and characters. They are stories trapped inside and I just want to get them out. If it’s not published and in people’s hands, it will be lost in the world.”

While Hussey seeks recognition closer to home, a collection of his work is currently on display at a museum in London, England. He is one of seven graphic artists, including cartoonists, illustrators, students and designers taking part in an exhibition called Drawn! at London’s Brent Museum.

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Drew’s online portfolio.

And if you happen to be in the UK…


Museum Exhibition at the Brent Museum – Willesden Green Library Centre (London, England):
Drawn! A graphic art exhibition

Open daily until Sunday 8th February 2009.

Cartoonists, illustrators, students and designers have expressed and interpreted themselves and their view of ‘graphic art’ in Brent Museum’s latest exhibition Drawn! Test your own understanding of the term and be prepared to draw your own conclusions!

Featuring finished work – comics and large print illustrations, sketchbooks and biographies from…

* Marc Ellerby
* Antonia Hazlerigg
* Drew Hussey
* Jenika Ioffreda
* Meiko Kikuta
* Elena Sainz
* Adrian Stapleton
* …and a couple of little-known Hergé illustrations

For more information please visit The Brent Museum

One thought on “In the Press: Drew Hussey’s Super ambition

  1. Hi and thanks for the article. It is a real privilege to be mentioned here!

    If you are interested in viewing my personal portfolio work My portfolio has been broken down into three separate sites, first:, which focuses on my overall production work and concepts I can legally show right now., shows how I approach a comic book concept focusing in on my pencils as an overall comic pencil portfolio, as well it has my comic preview issue online.

    Finally, A life drawing site. I’ve brought my drawings into Photoshop creating a stylized series of images focusing in on gestures, studies, and figure drawing.

    thanks again,
    -drew hussey

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