UDON Adds Final Fight to its Capcom Comic Licenses

Street Fighter II Turbo #6 & #7 CoversPress Release courtesy of UDON Entertainment:

Over the years the Street Fighter® franchise has become intertwined with several other Capcom® game properties, but the strongest of those connections has always been with the classic arcade street brawler Final Fight. The series’ unique characters like pro wrestler-turned-politician Haggar, the strangely seductive Poison, and heroic (though sometimes jailbird) Cody are personal favorites of many a gamer. Now UDON has officially added Final Fight to the publisher’s list of Capcom comic licenses.

Considered by many as the finest example of the ‘beat-em-up’ side-scroller genre, Final Fight and its sequels tore up arcades in both Japan and North American during the 1990s. The series was concretely connected to Street Fighter when Final Fight cast members Guy and Sodom appeared as playable characters in the game Street Fighter® Alpha. Many other characters would make the jump between games in future Street Fighter and Final Fight instalments, interweaving the two series’ continuities into a single universe.

Final Fight cast members will be joining the Street Fighter Tournament in the Street Fighter® II Turbo comic series starting with issue #5’s Japanese qualifying round. Then in issues #6 & #7, the tournament heads to Final Fight’s own Metro City for the American leg of the competition. In addition to joining in on the main Street Fighter storyline, Turbo issues #6 & #7 will also each feature a bonus Final Fight backup story.

For those keeping track, the full Turbo backup story schedule now includes:
Turbo #2 – Street Fighter® IV – Abel
Turbo #3 – Street Fighter® IV – El Fuerte
Turbo #4 – Street Fighter® IV – Rufus
Turbo #5 – Street Fighter® IV – Crimson Viper
Turbo #6 – Final Fight
Turbo #7 – Final Fight
Turbo #8 – Street Fighter® III
Turbo #9 – Street Fighter® III
Turbo #10 – Street Fighter® III

If reaction is positive to the guest appearances and backups, a full Final Fight mini-series could be just around the corner! For now, Street Fighter II Turbo #6 and #7 arrive in April and June 2009. For more info all of UDON’s Capcom titles head to www.capcomcomics.com.