Canadian Comic Book Creators News from New York Comic Con – Day 1

Since I’m experiencing New York Comic Con through the magical world of the Internet (and the coverage done by the great people over at Comic Book Resources and Newsarama), I thought I’d link up any news related to Canadian Comic Book Creators. Enjoy.

Source: Comic Book Resourses – NYCC LIVE: Superman – Building a Better Tomorrow

“Johns next talked about ADVENTURE COMICS, the Legion book that will launch in June with Francis [Manapul] on art. “It’s a book that spins out of ‘Legion of 3 Worlds,’ and obviously Starman’s there. If anyone’s reading ‘JSA,’ he’s taking a central lead in the book. Francis taking his work in a whole direction, it’s just stunning.” The book will feature painted artwork.”

Source: Newsarama  – NYCC ’09: Claremont and the X-Men: With a Twist

“This weekend at the New York Comic Con—Marvel announced its plans for X-Men: Forever. Written by Claremont and drawn by Tom Grummett, X-Men Forever allows Claremont to pick up where he left off…18 years ago—just minutes after the Children of the Atom believed they had destroyed Magneto once and for all.”

Source: Comic Book Resources – NYCC: Marvel’s Dark Reign Panel

Marvel’s first announcement was that the new creative team on Fantastic Four will be Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham.”