Canadian Comic Book Creators News from New York Comic Con – Day 2

Continuing with what I had posted earlier, here are some of news coming out of New York Comic Con today. Expect this to update throughout the day, so keep checking back to see the news related to Canadian Comic Book Creators.

Source: Newsarama – NYCC ’09 – IDW – Dr Who Monthly and More

“A five-issue Angel series by Kelly Armstrong and Dave Ross will spin out of Brian Lynch’s current Angel story.”

“Angel: Blood & Trenches, by John Byrne, sees Angel in World War I, a setting Byrne wanted to explore with the character. Byrne is “doing some special things with the art.””

“Star Trek Crew, by Byrne, explores the Federation before Kirk and Spock. Ryall said that Byrne had previously avoided working in the Federation proper, “but now he’s finally jumping in with both feet.””

Ty Templeton and Stephen Molnar are working on Star Trek: Mission’s End, “a story that breaks up Kirk, Spock and McCoy’s little triangle,” said Schmidt.”

Source: Comic Book Resources – NYCC: Eaglesham on his Marvel Exclusive Deal

“One reason why [Dale] Eaglesham decided to sign an exclusive with Marvel is because after so many years playing with the characters of the DCU he just felt like it was time for a change. “The DCU is great and I have felt at home working with its characters, but Marvel is where my career started back in 1985 and its characters are still very much in my blood. This is a big part of why I am returning there,” Eaglesham told CBR News.”

Source: Comic Book Resources – NYCC: Hickman and Eaglesham Talk “Fantastic Four”

Dale Eaglesham feels he landed the gig through the good fortune of signing with Marvel just as the previous “Fantastic Four” creative team were ending their run. “When I signed with Marvel, the book was at the top of my wish-list and nothing else was even close. However, I felt it was a pipe dream because the book was currently in the hands of a top artist,” Eaglesham said. “When I spoke to Tom Brevoort about potential projects, I was just floored when he listed the Fantastic Four. I think it just took my breath away for a second. I don’t even remember what I said but I zeroed in on that one like a heat-seeking missile. I grew up reading the FF, and it holds almost mystical power for me.””

Source: Comic Book Resources – NYCC: Cup O’Joe

“What’s Stuart Immonen doing next? He’s moving over to New Avengers starting with issue #55. “Stuart is a deadline maniac. The book will never ship late. I love him dearly,” said Bendis. As for outgoing artist Billy Tan, McCann promised he will be on something big, but that it can’t be announced yet.”


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