Canadian Comic Book Creators News from New York Comic Con – Day 3

The third and final day at New York Comic Con, and the news featuring Canadian Comic Book Creators coming from the Big Apple.

Source: Newsarama – NYCC ’09 – Dale Eaglesham on His Marvel Exclusive

“Marvel announced at New York Comic Con that artist Dale Eaglesham is making the move to Marvel as the latest exclusive artist on the company roster, joining the new creative team on Fantastic Four with writer Jonathan Hickman, beginning in September.

After making his debut in an upcoming eight-page story for Amazing Spider-Man by writer Joe Kelly, Eaglesham will be the artist on Fantastic Four when writer Jonathan Hickman takes over the series.”

Source: Newsarama – NYCC ’09 – Aspen Panel

“First on the docket was the long-awaited return of Soulfire. Joe Benitez is totally finished with issue eight, due in mid March, and deep into issue nine. Issue ten will be an oversized finale to the current volume, to be released in May, and directly following that issue will be the New World Order miniseries. Marcus To, who will be illustrating the new volume of Soulfire directly following New World Order, is already deep into his assignment, with more than four issues in the can.”

Source: Comic Book Resources – NYCC: Manapul Joins Johns for “Adventure”

“It will be more like what I’m doing now with “Superman/Batman” and what was seen in ‘Origins and Omens.’ I’ve been having an insane amount of fun inking my work. Using the brush has been liberating for me, and with every new page I get more and more comfortable using water color, ink wash and gouache. You can track my progress at, where I usually post the process work of my pages.”

Source: Newsarama – NYCC ’09 – Mondo Marvel

Pak and Van Lente talked about some upcoming happenings in Incredible Hercules, saying that you’ll see the “untold origin” of the title character and find out what happened to Amadeus Cho’s coyote pup Kirby. Artist Takeshi Miyazawa will return to the title, and there will be a “big, green guest star.”

Source: Comic Book Resources – NYCC: CBR TV: Bryan Lee O’Malley

Comic Book Resources has posted a video interview with Bryan Lee O’Malley at New York Comic Con, conducted by Jonah Weiland.


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