Dean Motter: A Career Introspective interview

Over at the Graphic Novel Reporter site, Jeffery Klaehn interviews Dean Motter about his comics career:

Dean Motter is best known for his award-winning book and album cover designs but is perhaps most famous as the creator of the ’80s comic book sensation Mister X. He also wrote and illustrated The Prisoner graphic novel Shattered Visage for DC Comics, based on the cult favorite ’60s British television series. In his three decades in the comics business, he’s garnered praise and awards for his acclaimed work, including Terminal City, Aerial Graffiti, Batman: Nine Lives, and Electropolis. His work has also appeared in comics such as Batman, Grendel, Hellblazer, Superman Adventures, and Star Wars Tales. His graphic novel Unique, from Platinum Studios, has been optioned by Touchstone Pictures. And his acclaimed collection of Alice in Wonderland illustrations, Through a Glass Darkly, has been issued by

Recently, Dark Horse released Mister X Archives to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Mister X’s first appearance. An all-new Mister X series, Mister X: Condemned, is currently in production. Here, Motter talks about his life in comics and the work that he’s been involved with, as well as the inspirations behind them.