Talking Comics with Ty Templeton

Comic Book Resources’ Robot 6 blog contributor Tim O’Shea sat down with Ty Templeton to discuss his contributions to Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Spider-Man, Avenging Spider-Man, his courses at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop, Holmes Inc., On the Couch, being on the short list for a Joe Shuster Webcomics Award for Bun Toons and much more!

O’Shea: When you get nominated as a potential finalist for The Joe Shuster Awards (Webcomics), does recognition like that help expand your audience for Bun Toons?

Templeton: It’s only been a couple of weeks since the finalist/potential nomination thing was announced, so I can’t tell yet. I tend to have wildly different attention for each Bun Toon, depending on the subject matter. When I pick on Frank Miller or Alan Moore our readership quadruples from the strips when I say sentimental things about my family. Since the short list/nomination announcement, I’ve been getting a fairly average readership, but I haven’t been going after Frank Miller as much lately.


Happenings – Ryan North & Joey Comeau INTERVIEW EXTRAVAGANZA

The Trinity College Comedy Collective will be interviewing Ryan North (DINOSAUR COMICS, MACHINE OF DEATH) and Joey Comeau (A SOFTER WORLD) live this Tuesday evening at Trinity College, Toronto. Should be a great evening, both these gentlemen make for great conversation. And there are prizes too! More info at the TCCC facebook event page.

Interviews: Ramon Perez and Shannon Campbell plus a busy Indie spring in 2012

Publisher’s Weekly has interviewed Ramon Perez about illustrating Jim Henson’s A Tale of Sand for Archaia Press.

Intrepid reporter Bryan Munn has found more information about the upcoming Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (VanCAF as they want it called) by interviewing organizer Shannon Campbell.

Looks like indie comics will have a busy spring, aside from any involvement indie creators might have in the dreaded flea market cons, it looks like they will have some tough choices to make in late April and early May. There’s either a turf war going on or a bunch of blind, inconsiderate decisions being made as per the timing of the bigger indie comics festivals in 2012.

Previously announced for June, MOCCA announced last week that they were moving their New York based event to the weekend of April 28-29 – a weekend already staked out by the Portland, OR-based Stumptown Comics Festival. End result will likely be an east/west split but it’s always a shame when these events overlap. MOCCA is a popular destination for Toronto indie creators, but I have to wonder how many will want to make the trek down given that…

…both of those events are the week before the first Canadian indie comics festival of 2012 – TCAF, which is on May 7-8, 2012 (as noted the 7th is also Free Comic Book Day for the rest of the comics community). They recently started taking applications for the curated event so be extra nice to festival director Chris Butcher when you submit your forms. The previously mentioned VanCAF is scheduled for two weeks after that, so it will be a busy month for those who choose to do both TCAF and VCAF… uh, VanCAF!

P.S. MOCCA and Stumptown are also on the same weekend as the 2012 CALGARY COMIC & ENTERTAINMENT EXPO… April 27-29.

Mosaik Projekt #3 arrives in stores

Highlights include:

– An interview with Ramon Perez of Butternutsquash fame on making comics (and a living) in Canada

– Mosaik-Project Exclusive publication:  Ron Haywood’s “Geek of the Gods” (OGN)

– An interview with Kevin Boyd, director of the Joe Shuster Awards on Canada’s turbulent history with comics

– An exclusive comic from Alex Novitski

– An interview with Kevin Boyd, director of the Joe Shuster Awards on  Canada’s turbulent history with comics.

Plus webcomics, exclusive comic strips, reader emails and more!

For a participating retailer near you, please check the list on the right sidebar.  If you don’t see your local comic dungeon there, tell them to email us and we’ll send some over!

Now, after the tremendous response that our first podcast with Jim Zubkavich (more than 100 downloads and counting!), I am very excited to announce that our second podcast is now online!  This is our unabridged conversation with Kevin Boyd, the current director and co-founder of the Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Creator Awards.  Now in it’s seventh amazing year, the Awards were held at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this past weekend.  I sat down with Kevin to discuss Joe Shuster, Superman, the Awards, the Canadian fans and Canada’s turbulent history with comics.  Oh, and Kevin explains this image…

And finally, the third issue of the Mosaik Project will be available as a high-res free download, right here on MONDAY,  JUNE 27’th
Expect a full issue breakdown on Monday with bios of all the contributing artists, without whom this issue literally would not have been possible.   To everyone who has supported this project from the beginning, you have my thanks and the gratitude of everyone at Ex Machina 7.  We have some very big things planned for this year and it’s 100% because so many people have embraced this project and got involved.

Well the last shipment of the Mosaik Project #3 has been (finally) sent out.  Toronto-area retailers should have received their shipments as early as Friday of last week.  Retailers in London and Hamilton will probably receive their shipments in 1-2 days, now that the Postal strike has been “resolved”.

Ex Machina 7 Productions would like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue:

Adriana Blake
William Brian MacLean
Ramon Perez
Ron Kasman
Alex Novitski
– J.B’s Four panel film review strip.

I really recommend listening to the podcast – it was recorded in a high traffic food court by my office, so apologies for the background noise. But I had a great chat with Carlton that day and a lot of things are discussed, much of which didn’t make it into the print interview.

I met Carlton on Thursday and got a copy of the Retailer Edition, which is very well done. There are a couple of things in the print interview with me that aren’t quite right (I did not found HeroesCon, but rather drew inspiration from it back when I used to do my own cons).

Interviews: Jeff Lemire on Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown

Newsarama’s Vaneta Rogers chats with Jeff Lemire about his upcoming Flashpoint mini-series: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown

And just to get to work with this character is great. When Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers stuff was coming out, I thought the Frankenstein mini-series the best part of it. I always wished that DC had done something more with the character. So it’s really cool for me to do it. I mean, it’s also intimidating to write a Grant Morrison character. If you try to be like Grant Morrison, you’re doomed to fail. You just have to take the character and do your thing with it. I’m definitely not trying to replicate his style or even his take on the character. I’m just trying to take the essence of the character he created and do my own thing with it.

The first issue of the three issue mini-series arrives in comic book shops on June 8, 2011.

Homegrown superheroes take flight: Eaglesham on Alpha Flight

The Ottawa Citizen sat down with Dale Eaglesham to discuss the upcoming relaunch of Marvel’s Alpha Flight.

After 25 years as a comic-book artist, Eaglesham is one of the biz’s renowned superstars. He has drawn everyone from Conan the Barbarian to the Incredible Hulk, but the new Marvel Comics project, Alpha Flight, is unusual because of the Canadian content.

Whazamo! Ontario Graphic Novel Month at Open Book Toronto

We’re only 19 days into May and there’s already a TON of stuff up for you to check out over at Whazamo! Below are links to everything posted so far:

WHAZAMO! Ontario Graphic Novel Month is an online comics celebration brought to you by Open Book: Toronto. Whazamo! showcases the talented graphic novelists and illustrators published by Ontario publishers and draws attention to the new stars of the Canadian graphic novel and comic book scene.

In its third year, Whazamo! features profiles of comic creators and graphic novel news, as well as a series of original literary comics by some of Canada’s finest cartoonists. The series is curated by Vepo Studios, who have also produced a short documentary for Open Book that follows the creative process of the cartoonists.

The Graphic-Novelist-in-Residence is Ian Daffern. You can find his page here.

Whazamo! is presented in collaboration with the Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario and it welcomes you.


COMICS in which the artists profiled below select a literary work and pay homage to it in comics form:







THE NEXT DAY interview series
The Next Day is an innovative comics novella from POP SANDBOX, the folks that brought us 2010’s acclaimed KENK: A GRAPHIC PORTRAIT:
Part One: Alex Jansen
Part Two: Paul Peterson
Part Three: Jason Gilmore
On the release party and display at the NFB Mediatheque

TCAF: Pencil it In video

Toronto Comic Arts Festival: Pencil it In from Toronto Comic Arts Festival on Vimeo.

Director: Christopher Hutsul

Director of Photography: Vinit Borisson

Producer: Nick Sorbara

Executive Producer: Jacinte Faria

Editorial: Melanie Hider, Bijou Editorial

Score: “Background Noise (Don’t Become)” by Solvent, Courtesy Ghostly International

Sound Design: Vapor Music

Online Artist + Colourist: Hardave Grewal, RedLab

Graphic Novelists: Chester Brown, Michael Comeau, Steve Charles Manale, Vicki Nerino, Michael Cho, Michael DeForge, Seth, Fiona Smyth + Britt Wilson.

A Hard Citizen Production.

Coming Soon: Even the Giants by Jesse Jacobs debuts in May

Okay… back to your regularly scheduled programming!

Squidface and the Meddler take a look at Jesse Jacobs upcoming book Even the Giants, and interview Jesse. The book will be published by Adhouse Books and arrives in stores in May. It also premieres at TCAF on May 7/8.

Jacobs won the Gene Day Award for self-publishing in 2009.

Even The Giants by Jesse Jacobs. Published by AdHouse Books

Jesse Jacobs bursts onto the comic scene with his first published work EVEN THE GIANTS. The work beautifully captures the isolation of the Great White North while also giving the artist a sequential canvas to explore and experiment. This book will be printed in three Pantone spot colors. Jesse’s work has been nominated for the Doug Wright award and has won the Gene Day award.

2C cover
80 3C pages
8.5″ x 5.5″ SC
$9.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-9352331-0-7
Shipping in May 2011
Diamond order #: MAR11 0822

arrow Download a PDF preview

TVO opens the archives: Prisoners of Gravity series available online

Update: November 6, 2018. Eagle-eyed Martin Boruta has contacted me to let me know that TVO no longer has the episodes online so the link in the article won’t work, but at this time Youtube user Teddog3000 has kindly made a number of episodes available on his youtube channel.

Prisoners of Gravity, the acclaimed comic book and science fiction news magazine series, is not television. It’s the world’s orbital oracle. It’s the future now. Trapped in geosynchronous orbit, unable to escape the planet he’s convinced is hurtling toward self-destuction, Commander Rick (Rick Green) commandeers the airwaves to transmit his weekly pirate broadcasts. Assisted by his on-board computer assistant Nan-Cy (his trusty NANo-CYbernetic 3000 computer) aboard the Reality-1 Communications Satellite, Commander Rick explores crucial issues of the late twentieth century in the language of the faithful: science fiction, comics, computers, fantasy, and horror, all respectfully recognized in the series as adult art forms. He interviews these genres’ writers, artists, and filmmakers, focusing on a different theme in each program: politics, war, fears, dreams, addictions, children, new worlds, and even the current popularity of dinosaurs.

Aside from host Rick Green, this great show features the work of writer/producer Mark Askwith and features opening credits with artwork by Ty Templeton. It ran on TVO between 1989 and 1994.

The episodes are available to watch online (for free!) at TVO’s Public Archive.

Gerhard Speaks


Sean Michael Robinson has done a massive three part interview with GERHARD for The Comics Journal Online, Dave Sim’s collaborator on almost 5/6 of the massive undertaking which was the 300 issue run of Cerebus.

FEB 14:The Craft Behind Cerebus: An Interview with Gerhard (Part One of Three)
FEB 15: The Craft Behind Cerebus: an Interview with Gerhard (Part Two of Three)
FEB 16: The Craft Behind Cerebus: an Interview with Gerhard (Part Three of Three)

At DC, The Flash speeds forward to big event

The Flash: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues HC cover by Francis Manapul

Matt Moore, of the Associated Press has an article that’s being spread far and wide today (for example, it appears in the METRO news today) in which he gives readers a heads up that some exciting things are happening these days with the DC Comics character The Flash under the creative wings of Geoff Johns and Canadian artist Francis Manapul.

It’s a well-timed article — the first hardcover collection was released last week to the direct market and DC is beginning to unveil their plans for the Flashpoint crossover that starts this spring. Continue reading