Upcoming Convention Appearances: Feb. 27 – Mar. 26

Megacon (Orlando, Florida) – February 27-March 1

Features Canadian creator guest: Darwyn Cooke. Canadian resident Steve McNiven also appears.

WonderCon (San Francisco, CA) – February 27-March 1

Features Canadian guests: Kei Acedera, Bobby Chiu, Bob the Angry Flower, Travis Charest, Camilla D’Errico, Miriam Libicki (Real Gone Girl Studios).

CCBCAA Executive Director Kevin A. Boyd can be found at Booth#915 (CGC)

Vancouver Comicon (Vancouver, B.C.)Sunday, March 15

Features Canadian Guests: David Boswell (Reid Fleming, World’s Toughest Milkman), Robin Bougie (Cinema Sewer), Kelly Everaert (Jungle Tales, Trilogy of Terror), Forg (Birth of Jazz), Miriam Libicki (Jobnik), Mike Myhre (Space Jet Comics), Andrew Salmon (Secret Agent X), Robin Thompson (Champions of Hell, Hemp Island), Verne Andru, Rusty Beach, Jordyn Bochon & Tim Carpenter, Laura Eveleigh, Donald King, and Steven Snyder. Also features American special guest Howard Chaykin.