2018! JSA Ceremony in Montreal in July. Info on submitting for the Gene Day Award.

montreal-comicconIt’s March 4th and after a brief down period our website is back up and running and we’re full steam ahead on the planning for the 2018 Joe Shuster Comic Book Creator Awards.

Plans are currently being made to present the awards this summer in July at the Montreal Comic Con, the organizers of which have graciously agreed to host the ceremony at their convention which falls between Canada Day (July 1) and Joe Shuster’s Birthday (July 10).

The majority of the Joe Shuster Awards are nominated based on material available to the public. We are aiming to have the 2018 nominees selected by Free Comic Book Day weekend and the announcement will be made on that weekend (first weekend of May).

gene-day-colours-revised-21I have received a lot of entries for the 2018 Gene Day Award for self-published works already, but if you would like to submit your entry for consideration, please send one copy of your 2017 self-published work to:

Gene Day Award – c/o K. Boyd, 305-484 Oriole Parkway, Toronto, ON M5P 2H8.

Please refer to the Gene Day Award page link for more specifics.

Deadline is MAY 1, 2018.  After that the entries will be reviewed and the top entries announced at the 2018 Gene Day Award Nominees.

You can give me entries in person at:

TORONTO COMICON – March 16-18 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

CALGARY EXPO – April 26-29 at the Calgary Stampede Park (I will be in the Big Four Building)

Ask a staff member or volunteer about where to find me – I (Kevin Boyd) am the Comic Relations Coordinator at both of those events and will be on site at both.



The 2017 Joe Shuster Award Nominations / Les nominés pour le prix Joe Shuster 2017


Artwork by Tom Grummett.

July 10, 2017 – Canada has a rich tradition of supporting our national arts communities with awards that recognize the achievements of our citizens in books, music, stage, television and film – the JOE SHUSTER AWARD is Canada’s national award that honours and raises the awareness of Canadians that create, self-publish and sell comics books, graphic novels and webcomics.


2014 Superman Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint – Art by Joe Shuster

They are named after pioneering Canadian-born artist Joe Shuster (July 10, 1914- July 30, 1992), whose clear, dynamic style and inventive visual flourishes set the standard for graphic storytelling during the infancy of the North American comic book industry. It was Superman, a co-creation of Shuster and his friend and neighbour Jerry Siegel, published by National Periodical Productions (now known as DC Comics) that electrified the industry over 75 years ago in 1938 and, almost overnight, transformed comic books into an enormous pop-cultural phenomenon and spawned a legion of costume-clad adventure heroes and heroines.


It was the absence of Superman and his costumed peers from Canadian newsstands during World War II that would help spawn Canada’s first and last country-wide attempt at launching an indigenous, Canadian comic book industry and saw the rise of popular characters like Freelance, Nelvana and Johnny Canuck.

captain-canuckThe end of the war eliminated these restrictions and Canadian comic companies disappeared shortly afterwards. Since then Canadian creators have been part of a larger North America-wide comic-book industry and in some cases, international publishing efforts, which is why we recognize Canadian creators who work within the framework of the larger comics ‘industry’ rather than only those creators who have successfully published their creations within Canada alone. 


The award winners will be chosen by a jury vote to ensure every nominee is given adequate consideration.

All images shown are copyright (c) and trademark (TM) their respective owners, and are used to promote the nominations.

The ceremony will take place on the first weekend of September 2017 in Toronto, ON. Exact date and time, venue & the Master of Ceremonies to be announced July 30, 2017 along with the Hall of Fame Inductees and recipient(s) of the TM Maple Award.

And the nominees are:

Webcomics Creator / Créateur de Bandes Dessinées Web


Writer / Scénariste

  • FANNY BRITTLouis parmi les spectres (La Pastèque)
  • GORD DOWNIESecret Path (Simon & Schuster)
  • BRENDEN FLETCHERMighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Pink#1-5 (Boom! Studios), Batgirl #48-52, Black Canary #7-12, Gotham Academy #14-18, Gotham Academy: Second Semester #1-4, “Predators” – Wonder Woman 75TH Anniversary Special (DC), Motor Crush #1 (image)
  • JEFF LEMIREBlack Hammer #1-6 (Dark Horse), Descender #9-17, Plutona 4-5 (image),  All-New Hawkeye #3-6, All-New X-Men #1-3, Moon Knight #1-9, Old Man Logan #1-15, Extraordinary X-Men #1-17 (Marvel) Bloodshot Reborn #10-18, Bloodshot U.S.A., 4001 A.D. Bloodshot (Valiant)
  • RYAN NORTHJughead #9-11 (Archie) Howard the Duck #6, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4-15 (MARVEL)
  • BRYAN LEE O’MALLEYSnotgirl #1-5 (image)
  • CLAUDE PAIEMENT ET JEAN-PAUL EIDLa femme aux cartes postales (La Pastèque)
  • CHIP ZDARSKYJughead #4-8 (Archie), Civil War II: Choosing Sides #5, Howard the Duck #3-11, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6 (Marvel)


Cover Artist / Dessinateur Couvertures

  • NICK BRADSHAW –  Alters #1v-2v (Aftershock) Titans #6v (DC Comics) Rocketeer at War #1v, 2v, 3v, 4v (IDW), Spidey #2-4, 6 (Marvel), Army of Darkness/Xena: Warrior Princess: Forever… and a Day #3-4, Kiss #3, Red Sonja Vol. 4 #0 (Dynamite)
  • MICHAEL CHO – Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus TP Vol. 1, The Flash: Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 1 TP, Suicide Squad: The Silver Age Omnibus HC (DC), A-Force #3v, All-New Hawkeye #4v, All-New, All-Different Avengers #5v, Amazing Spider-Man #7v, Astonishing Ant-Man #5v, Captain Marvel #2v, Civil War II #1v, 2v,3v,4v, 5v,6v,7v,8v Daredevil #4v, Darth Vader #25v, Doctor Strange #5v, Howard the Duck #4v, Invincible Iron Man #6v, IvX #1v, Mighty Thor #4v, Occupy Avengers #1v, Scarlet Witch #3v, Spider-Gwen #5v, Spider-Man #1v, Totally Awesome Hulk #3v, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5v, Uncanny Inhumans #5v, Vision #4v (Marvel)
  • MIKE DEL MUNDO Carnage #4-11, Guidebook to the Marvel Cinematic Universe  – Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season One #1, GTTMCU: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season Three #1, GTTMCU: Marvel’s Avengers #1, GTTMCU: Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron #1, GTTMCU: Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger #1, GTTMCU: Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier #1, GTTMCU: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy #1, IvX #1v, Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1v, Spider-Man/Deadpool #1v, Star Wars: Han Solo #5v, Star Wars: Poe Dameron #1v, 7v, Vision #3-4,7-12, Weirdworld #2-6 (Marvel Comics)
  • GISELE LAGACE Archie Meets the Ramones #1, Josie and the Pussycats #1v (Archie), Jem and the Holograms #20v, 21v (IDW) Street Fighter Unlimited #4v (UDON)
  • FRANCOIS MIVILLE-DESCHENES Reconquêtes, Tome 4, La mort d’un roi (Le Lombard)
  • YANICK PAQUETTE AND NATHAN FAIRBAIRN Batgirl and the Birds of Prey  #1-5, Batman #49, Batman #7-8, Batman/Superman #28-32, Justice League #1v, 2v, 3v, 4v, 5v, 6v, 7v, 8v, 9v, 10v, 11v,  Swamp Thing #1v, Titans Hunt #5, Wonder Woman #52, Wonder Woman: Earth One (DC) Lake of Fire #2v (image)
  • RAMON K. PEREZ Betty and Veronica #1v, Jughead #6v (Archie), All-New Hawkeye #3-6, Civil War II: Choosing Sides #5v, Nova #1 (Marvel)
  • MARGUERITE SAUVAGE – Archie #6v, 7v, 12v, Josie and the Pussycats #1v (Archie), Goldie Vance #1v, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Pink #1v (Boom!), Spell on Wheels #3 (Dark Horse), Red Sonja #1-6 (Dynamite), Glitterbomb #2v (image), Black Panther #7v, Captain Marvel #1v, Mighty Thor #8v, Patsy Walker, Hellcat #1v (Marvel), Faith #1v, 2v, Faith II #3v,  (Valiant)

v = Variant cover


Artist / Dessinateur

  • ISABELLE ARSENAULTLouis parmi les spectres (La Pastèque)
  • JEAN-PAUL EIDLa femme aux cartes postales (La Pastèque)
  • DAVID FINCHBatman #1-5, Wonder Woman #48-50 (DC)
  • STUART IMMONENEmpress #1-6 (Millarworld/Marvel)
  • GISELE LAGACEArchie Meets the Ramones #1 (Archie), Die Kitty Die #2-3 (Chapterhouse),  Betty Boop #1-3 (Dynamite)
  • JEFF LEMIRESecret Path (Simon & Schuster)
  • YANICK PAQUETTEBatman #49-50, Nightwing Rebirth #1, Wonder Woman: Earth One (DC)
  • FIONA STAPLESSaga #33-40 (image)


Cartoonist / Auteur

  • KAARE KYLE ANDREWSRenato Jones The 0ne % #1-5 Season One (image)
  • CABHiver nucléaire, tome 2 (Front Froid)
  • GUY DELISLES’enfuir, récit d’un otage (Dargaud)
  • TEVA HARRISONIn Between Days: A Memoir of Living With Cancer (House of Anansi Press)
  • MICHEL HELLMANNunavik (Pow Pow)
  • COOKIE KALKAIRLes 9 derniers mois de ta vie de petit con (Les Arènes BD)
  • REGIS LOISELMickey Mouse: Café “Zombo” (Glénat BD)
  • FRANCIS MANAPULTrinity #1-2 (DC)



Gene Day Award (Self-Publishers) / Prix Gene Day (Auto-éditeurs) 

Named after the late Howard Eugene Day (1951-1982), this award honours Canadian comic book creators or creative teams who self-published their work but did not have the books distributed by a third party such as Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. The nominees were selected from individual publications submitted for review before the deadline of May 30th, 2016.

  • MITCH COOK, KEITH GRACHOW – Saltwater #1 (Kika Mika Comics)
  • JOHN FLEMING, COLETTE TURNER Badassical #1 (Dapper Drone)
  • MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER HERON, ANDREA FORT, SAM BECK – Songs for the Dead #1 (Necromancer Press)
  • JAMIE MICHAELS, EVIN COLLIS – Canoe Boys (Dirty Water Comics)
  • NUNUMI – Sky Rover
  • VARIOUSToronto Comics, Vol. 3 (Toronto Comics Anthology)


harry-kremer-portrait-paulHarry Kremer Award (Retailers) / Prix Harry Kremer (Détaillants)
Named after the Harry Kremer, the original owner of Now & Then Books (in Kitchener, Ontario). The CCBCAA maintains a list of active comic book stores and a database of recommendations, referrals and secret shopper reports. A separate Retailer Award Committee overseen by Scott VanderPloeg (Comic Book Daily) reviews the data and selects a short list of stores that have shown merit in a variety of categories. For inquiries please contact Scott at: kremerretailer@comicbookdaily.com


DRAGONsmThe Dragon Award (Comics for Kids) / Le Prix Dragon (Bandes Dessinées pour Enfants)
This award recognizes the works which capture the attention and fascination of young readers, and help to create a passion for life-long reading. Works considered for this award are comic books and graphic novels by Canadian creators that are targeted at readers 14 and under. Nominees for this award are selected by a team of educators led by Jennifer Haines, MA, B.Ed., who is also the proprietor of Guelph, Ontario’s The Dragon comic book shop.

  • ALEX A. – Les experiences de Mini-Jean tome 1 (Presses Aventure)
  • FANNY BRITT, ISABEL ARSENAULTLouis parmi les spectres (La Pastèque)
  • SCOTT CHANTLERThree Thieves Vol. 7: Iron Hand (Kids Can Press)
  • FAITH ERIN HICKSNameless City Vol. 1 (:01 First Second)
  • ERIC ORCHARDBera the One-Headed Troll (:01 First Second)
  • GUILLAUME PERRAULTLe facteur de l’espace (La Pastèque)
  • J. TORRES, SEAN K. DOVEBrobots Vol. 1 (Oni Press)


The T.M. Maple Award / Prix T.M. Maple
The T.M. Maple Award will go to someone (living or deceased) selected from the Canadian comics community for achievements made outside of the creative and retail categories who have had a positive impact on the community.

The recipient(s) of the TM Maple Award will be announced on July 30, 2017.

Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame / Temple de la renommée Créateur Canadien de Bandes Dessinées

The inductees to the Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame will be announced on July 30, 2017.

2017 Sponsors:

Current sponsors include:
The Dragon
All New Comics
The Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund (CLLDF).

About The Joe Shuster Awards

Established in 2004, The Joe Shuster Awards are Canada’s national award recognizing outstanding achievement in the creation of comic books, graphic novels and webcomics. The awards are named after pioneering Toronto-born artist Joe Shuster who, along with writer Jerry Siegel, created the iconic super-powered hero, Superman. The name is used with the approval of the Estate of Joe Shuster – Michael Catron, Estate Agent.

The Joe Shuster Awards are assembled by the Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards Association. For more information please contact Awards Director Kevin A. Boyd at kevin@joeshusterawards.com


Joe Shuster Awards Presentation Schedule – 3PM, October 18, 2015 at the Forest City Comic Con in London, ON

Ceremony will be held in a theatre at the London Convention Centre.

The Joe Shuster Awards are brought to you care of our platinum sponsor:

Happy Harbor Comics of Edmonton, AB.

3PM Start

Ceremony order:

Opening remarks

The T.M. Maple Awards brought to you by All New Comics
Michael Hirsh and Patrick Loubert presented by Ivan Kocmarek
Robert Charpentier presented by Brian Garside

Canadian Comic Creator Hall of Fame Inductions
Doris Slater presented by Ivan Kocmarek
James Waley presented by Ron Kasman

Harry Kremer Outstanding Canadian Comics Retailer Award brought to you by the Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund (CLLDF) – presented by Scott Vanderploeg (coordinator)

The Dragon Award (Comics for Kids) brought to you by The Dragon Comic Shop of Guelph, ON – presented by Jennifer Haines (coordinator)

The Gene Day Award (Self-Publishing) – presented by Kevin Boyd (coordinator)

The Joe Shuster Awards – presented by Kevin Boyd (coordinator)
Outstanding Webcomics Creator
Outstanding Cover Artist
Outstanding Writer
Outstanding Artist
Outstanding Cartoonist brought to you courtesy of THE STORY ATTIC


JSA noms coming week of June 1, happenings, TCAF, Doug Wright Awards…

While we have finalized some categories, some of the selection committees have asked for an extension, so we will announce all of the 2014 nominees the week of June 1.

You may have noticed I’ve cut back on the announcements of upcoming conventions — it’s getting to the point where there are so many events going on every week across the country that we aren’t able to give all of them the attention that they deserve. We suggest you consult the list of conventions across Canada that we have posted elsewhere on this website.

This week however is a busy one with a convention in Ottawa and the Beguiling’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival (in Toronto, obviously). The festival is also the host event for the annual Wright Awards for Canadian cartoonists who work on non-mainstream, independent books like the books published by awards sponsors Drawn + Quarterly, Conundrum Press and Koyama Press. The Giants of the North (their hall of fame) appears to be sponsored by CGA Comics, who is debuting the Nelvana of the Northern Lights collection at the event and using it to maintain interest in their future reprinting plans.

Is it time to start flag-waving?

71_LRGThere seems to be a lot of media attention this week once again regarding Canadian super-heroes – specifically the comics of the 1940s. This weekend – tonight and tomorrow afternoon – the Royal Theatre in Toronto will be hosting two screenings of the now-completed LOST HEROES Movie, directed by Will Pascoe. Members of the Canadian comics scene – creators, academics, media personalities and so on — were brought in to discuss aspects of the Canadian comic book super-heroes of the past and the present. After this two screening event (note that there will be a director Q&A after the Friday evening screening but not the Saturday one) the film moves to Superchannel where it will run at various times and on various dates.

Here’s the synopsis from imdb:

LOST HEROES is the story of Canada’s forgotten comic book superheroes and their legendary creators. A ninety-minute journey to recover a forgotten part of Canada’s pop culture and a national treasure few have ever heard about. LOST HEROES is the tale of a small country striving to create its own heroes, but finding itself constantly out muscled by better-funded and better-marketed superheroes from the media empire next door.

lhrRAD0598920131210_11334Incidentally, American comics auction house Comiclink recently auctioned off a number of hard to find Canadian whites, including a CGC 6.5 graded copy of the Nelvana of the Northern Lights Colour Special – it sold for a whopping $13,750.


Happenings: OMG…. is Fan Expo really next week? August 22-25, 2013

2013cSo in 8 days the big show aka Fan Expo Canada starts at the Metro Convention Centre. This year the show is so massive they had to add a second building and for the first time ever the event will be in both the North and the South Buildings.

phototoddMost of the comics folk are in the South Building though, and that’s where the comics programming will be as well.

Many Joe Shuster Award nominees and winners (past and present) are at the event, and we encourage you to visit the website to look at the floorplans and schedules.

2011 JSA Hall of Fame inductee TODD MCFARLANE is a headlining guest. Full guest list here.

Our retail sponsors The Dragon and The Comic Book Lounge (my store) will be in the dealers section along with Harry Kremer award winning retailers Big B Comics (Hamilton) and the Silver Snail (Toronto).

There are two Canadian comics related panels worth checking out:

FRIDAY AUG 23 – 11:15 AM In room 703


With projects like the True Patriot anthology, the Captain Canuck webseries, the Lost Heroes documentary, The Wolverine movie and more – are we witnessing a Canadian superhero renaissance? Where is this all coming from? Does the industry need this? Will the market support it? Are Canadian superheroes poised to be the next big thing in comics?

Join moderator Fearless Fred and panelists Jay Torres (“True Patriot”), Ramón K Pérez (“True Patriot”), Mike Valiquette (“Captain Canuck”), Hope L Nicholson (“Lost Heroes”), and Kevin A. Boyd (“Joe Shuster Awards”) to discuss The Canadian Superhero Renaissance.

SUNDAY AUG 25 – 2:15 PM in room 703


During WWII the Canadian government initiated the War Exchange Conservation Act and Canadian artists stepped up to fill the void of comics on our newsstands.

Join moderator Ivan Kocmarek and a panel of industry experts as they discuss the first age of Canadian comics and characters like Iron Man, Johnny Canuck, Freelance, The Penguin and many other forgotten heroes and their impact on Canadian-made comics.



Honest Ed’s and Mirvish Village for sale – and with it over four decades of ties to Toronto’s comics community.

Torontonians awoke earlier this week to news that David Mirvish had decided to sell Honest Ed’s, the store founded by his father in 1948 and a Toronto landmark of sorts (featured prominently in the graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley). The estimated $100 million dollar property was to include the 160,000 square foot retail store as well as 190,000 square feet of additional property.

pilgrim003(3)Comics aficionados perked up — what does this mean for THE BEGUILING (Harry Kremer and Will Eisner Award Winning retailer) and the affiliate store LITTLE ISLAND COMICS? Both are located on land adjacent to the Honest Ed’s property. Not only that, but older fans will know the area has ties to the comics community that go back to the late 1960’s.


The building that houses the Beguiling is part of the $100 Million land package currently up for sale.

This morning, the Toronto Star confirmed that the 190,000 square feet of additional property does include all of the properties known as Mirvish Village – a series of mostly Victorian era homes that have subsidized rents to arts based businesses and studio spaces for working artists.


Graphic Courtesy of the Toronto Star.

David Mirvish indicated in the Star article that the existing tenants would have about 3 years to relocate.

Little Island Comics - Photo by Matt Demers, by way of the Torontoist blog

Little Island Comics – Photo by Matt Demers, by way of the Torontoist blog

While this is not unusual in Toronto – Silver Snail had to relocate from it’s traditional home on Queen Street last year when the building it was in was sold to developers some years prior, and Dragon Lady Comics closed in early 2012 when rising rent was enough of a discouragement for that business’ owner to call it a day (although the new comics side of the business transitioned to the Comic Book Lounge just east of the old location). Even One Million Comix has had to make a couple of jumps over the years, having occupied three different store fronts in 2 decades.

However what is unfortunate is that with the sale of Mirvish Village, Toronto loses an area with strong ties to the comics community that has been virtually preserved since the 1960’s.

Mirvish Village was the home to Canada’s first comic book store MEMORY LANE, established by “Captain” George Henderson in 1967. Memory Lane at 594 Markham Street would survive in the area for almost two decades. The shop closed just prior to Henderson’s passing in 1992.

hendersonMirvish Village was home to one of Canada’s first comic book conventions, THE TRIPLE FAN FAIR in 1968, which included a visit from Marvel Comics spokesman Stan “the Man” Lee and a Tarzan exhibit.

tcaf2005-cookeThe second Toronto Comic Arts Festival was held in the large parking lot adjacent to Honest Ed’s Alley (behind the Beguiling) in 2005.

Little Island Comics (on Bathurst Street) occupies space that used to be the home of YESTERDAY’S HEROES, which closed in 2010.

As they say in the comics, to be continued….

Joe Shuster Awards Ceremony: 8:30 PM – Saturday, August 24, 2013 at Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario

jhJuly 5, 2013 – TORONTO, ON

The Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards Association is pleased to announce the venue of the 2013 Joe Shuster Awards Ceremony. The 8 2013 awards and 3 Hall of Fame presentations will be presented on SATURDAY, AUGUST 24, 2013 at JACKMAN HALL at the Art Gallery of Ontario, starting at 8:30 PM.

Seating: 200 – priority seating for nominees, their family and friends and other industry professionals, with limited general admission seating.

The Art Gallery of Ontario – 317 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON

The Art Gallery of Ontario is an art museum in Toronto’s Downtown Grange Park district, on Dundas Street West between McCaul Street and Beverley Street. Its collection includes more than 80,000 works spanning the 1st century to the present day.

Jackman Hall has it’s own entrance on McCaul Street, South of Dundas Street West (pictured above)

.About The Joe Shuster Awards

Established in 2004, The Joe Shuster Awards are Canada’s first national and bilingual award recognizing outstanding achievement in the creation of comic books, graphic novels and webcomics. The awards are named after pioneering Toronto-born artist Joe Shuster who, along with writer Jerry Siegel, created the iconic super-powered hero, Superman. The name is used with the approval of the Estate of Joe Shuster – Michael Catron, Estate Agent.

2013 Sponsors include: Guerilla Printing, The Dragon, The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery, Autodesk.

For more information please contact info@joeshusterawards.com


Happenings: This Weekend #3 – The Doug Wright Awards Ceremony. May 11, 2013.

More stuff happening in Toronto this weekend — although this is a TCAF event (and I don’t plan on highlighting any of the other many TCAF events here on the site — I recommend you visit the OFFICIAL TCAF SITE and look under events for that list) we have always highlighted the TCAF Awards – The Doug Wright Awards as a separate event to draw attention to them. This year the DWAs return for their 9th annual ceremony on Saturday night in Toronto.

They’ve also recently been posting “9 for 9” interviews with the 2013 nominees on the website.

The details:


Official Website

What: The 2013 Doug Wright Awards ceremony
Where: Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel, 90 Bloor Street, Toronto, Ontario
When: Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.
Admission: FREE!
The Poster: This year’s poster was drawn by 2012 Doug Wright Spotlight Award winner Ethan Rilly. Copies of the poster will be available for sale during TCAF and at the ceremony.

Recap of the 2013 Nominees:

The nominees for the 2013 Doug Wright Award for Best Book are:

The nominees for the 2013 Doug Wright Spotlight Award (a.k.a. “The Nipper”) which recognizes Canadian cartooning talents worthy of wider recognition are:

And the nominees for the 2013 Pigskin Peters Award, which recognizes the best in experimental or avant-garde comics are:

  • Hamilton Illustrated by David Collier (Wolsak & Wynn)
  • Hellberta #2 and Sir Softlyfrom š! #12, by Michael Comeau
  • Michael DeForge, Larry Eisenstein, Jesse Jacobs, Mark Laliberte (editor), Marc Ngui, Ethan Rilly, Tin Can Forest and Magda Trzaski for 4PANEL, a special comics features in Carousel Magazine #28 and #29
  • Ginette Lapalme for “So, what should we do with ourselves?…” from Wowee Zonk #4 and  “Little Stump” in š! #12

Also, ALBERT CHARTIER will be inducted into the Giants of the North (Canadian Cartooning Hall of Fame).

Happenings: This Weekend #2 – Ottawa Comic Con. May 10-12, 2013

The other major event in Ontario this weekend: OTTAWA – The Ottawa Comic COn


Official Website

The Ottawa Comiccon will take place at the Ernst & Young Centre from May 10-12, 2013.

It also has many comic creator guests attending on top of a gaggle of tv actors and celebrities – please visit the official website for the full list of those attending.

Happenings: This weekend #1 – Toronto Comic Arts Festival – May 11-12, 2013.

Ontario has two major comics events happening this weekend:

First up: TORONTO — The Toronto Comic Arts Festival


TCAF is The Toronto Comic Arts Festival. It is a week long celebration of comics and graphic novels and their creators, which culminates in a two-day exhibition and vendor fair featuring hundreds of comics creators from around the world. Other Festival events include readings, interviews, panels, workshops, gallery shows, art installations, and much more. TCAF is held at Toronto Reference Library in Toronto, Canada.

Official website

In past years, I’ve listed all of the guests — there are many — the full list can be found on the official website.

Happenings: Fan Expo Vancouver is this weekend: April 20-21

Happening this weekend in Vancouver, the 2nd Fan Expo Vancouver brought to you by the people at Hobbystar Marketing. Comics people and celebrities abound. I had a good time at this event last year, let’s hope that things are just as good or even better this year. Make sure you say hello to Leonard Wong at the Comics Legends Legal Defense Fund booth.

Happenings: Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo April 26-28 has SOLD OUT


From the website:

****IMPORTANT: THERE WILL BE NO ONSITE SALES FOR THIS EVENT. ALL TICKETS, INCLUDING CHILDREN’S PASSES, ARE BEING SOLD IN ADVANCE ONLY. If you arrive onto Stampede park without a valid ticket, you will be turned away.****

The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo is the only festival in Calgary where you can get your sci-fi, film, television, fantasy, horror, comic book, gaming, and animation fix all in one incredible weekend. Join 60,000 other fans for this celebration of pop culture April 26-28, 2013 at the BMO Centre, Stampede Park.
This year the Calgary Expo will feature a variety of guests from different industries.  From film and television stars to make-up artists, to writers, to comic book creators, to cosplay specialists and so much more – the Calgary Expo covers every corner of pop culture imaginable! We’ve got over 600 exhibitors, artists, and special guests, all in one spot!

We have adopted a lot of the successful operational components from the Edmonton Expo into the 2013 plan for the Calgary show so as to ensure that crowds and lines will be more effectively managed.

  • If you have any concerns about how we’re going to manage 60,000+ people at the Stampede Grounds this year, please feel free to visit our FAQ for more information.
  • Tickets are now sold out online with the exception of children’s passes.  Please visit our Buy Tickets page for a list of retailers who are selling passes in their stores, as some of them still have passes available.  
  • Children’s passes (kids aged 3-12) must also be purchased in advance. To purchase your children’s passes for the Calgary Expo please click HERE.
  • To purchase tickets to the “Weird Al” Yankovic concert please click HERE.
  • For up to date information, announcements, and news, be sure to follow us on FACEBOOK and on TWITTER.

Happenings: 26e FESTIVAL DE LA BD FRANCOPHONE DE QUÉBEC, 10-14 Avril 2013



Rendez-vous annuel des passionnés du 9e art, le Festival de la bande dessinée francophone de Québec (FBDFQ) offrira cette année encore un événement haut en couleur, du 10 au 14 avril prochain, à l’occasion de sa 26e présentation. L’événement, qui se déroule dans divers lieux culturels de la ville et notamment au Salon international du livre de Québec, présentera une programmation riche et diversifiée, sous le signe de la découverte. De nombreux auteurs seront présents pour rencontrer les lecteurs et permettre au public de se familiariser avec les différentes facettes de la bande dessinée.

L’affiche de cette 26e édition a été réalisée par l’auteur de Québec, Michel Falardeau, qui s’est démarqué lors du dernier Festival international d’Angoulême en se méritant le Coup de cœur du jury du prix ActuaBD/Conseil Général des Jeunes de Charente pour son album French Kiss 1986 (Glénat Québec).

Happenings: CAKE – Comic Arts for Kids Expo, Saturday March 23, 2013 in Toronto

CAKE Image MainLillian H. Smith Library
230 College St.
Toronto, ON
M5T 1R5


Want to meet leading graphic novelists and picture book creators? Or take part in a giant comic mural? Toronto’s future superheroes can do both at the Comic Arts for Kids Expo (CAKE), a daylong celebration of image-based storytelling for readers ages two to thirteen. This event is co-presented by Small Print Toronto, Little Island Comics and the Toronto Public Library.

Throughout the day, authors will sign and sketch in their books. Everyone who attends CAKE can contribute to a series of giant comic book panels. And the Little Island Comics team will be on hand to assist collectors of all ages.

The two to eight set can spend the morning exploring an ocean of activities in the DIY Comics Lab, featuring leading picture book artists Brothers Leung, J. Torres, J. Lum, Patricia Storms and Frank Viva.

The afternoon is filled with workshops for the eight to thirteen set, conducted by an all-star roster of graphic novelists — Claudia Davila, Steve Manale, Evan Munday and J. Torres, plus the creative team behind OWL Magazine‘s popular Max Finder Mystery series (Craig Battle, Natalia Diaz, Liam O’Donnell and Ramon Perez).

Admission is free but space is limited. For more information on the offered workshops and to sign up early, click here.

News from Koyama Press: TCAF, Distribution

Koyama Press is excited to announce that cartoonists MICHAEL DEFORGE, JULIE DELPORTE, VICTOR KERLOW, NATHAN BULMER, DUSTIN HARBIN, and JANE MAI will join us for the 10th edition of the Toronto Comics Arts Festival taking place May 11-12 at Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street. Koyama Press will also be joined by JULIA WERTZ for a short time as she signs copies of her critically-acclaimed book, The Infinite Wait and Other Stories.

This year’s festival will see DeForge debut Very Casual a collection of stories culled from mini comics, online comics and anthology contributions; Delporte debut Journal her collection of diary comics that catalogues an emotional breakup, an artist’s residency at CCS and the anxieties and joys of everyday life between February 2011 and October 2012; and Kerlow debut Everything Takes Forever a collection of the cartoonist and illustrator’s ink-and-wash comics that blur the quotidian with the absurd. Other recent titles from Koyama Press will also be available.


Koyama Press is pleased to announce that their titles are now being distributed internationally by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution. A noted advocate for independent, small press publishers, Consortium is home to comics publishers Nobrow Press and Uncivilized Books, as well as over 100 independent publishers from the United States, Canada, Europe, India, and Australia. They are excited to be in the good company of a diverse range of publishers and books that cover a myriad of subjects including fiction, poetry, gay and lesbian studies, politics, music, art, history, children’s books, and more. With this new partnership, Koyama Press titles will be made available to many markets and outlets for the first time.

Titles will be made available through Consortium beginning April 1. To find out more about Koyama Press please visit koyamapress.com, and to find out more about Consortium please visit cbsd.com.


Happenings: Expozine, Montreal Nov. 17-18, Launch Party Nov.16

EXPOZINE 2012November 17 & 18

12pm – 6pm, 5035 St-Dominique
(Église Saint-Enfant Jésus, between St-Joseph & Laurier, near Laurier Métro)
Free admission.

Immerse yourself in the world of DIY publishing! The massive Expozine is a unique showcase of the best books and zines that today’s small presses and self-publishers have to offer! Literally thousands of different publications can be found at Expozine, and hundreds of authors and artists that make them, making this weekend one of the most impressive gatherings of local talent in Montreal.

EXPOZINE LAUNCH EVENT: CARTOON COLLEGE! Friday November 16 at the Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore, 211 Bernard W., 7 – 10p.m., free admission. Join us for a screening of select scenes from the brand new documentary, Cartoon College! Each fall The Center for Cartoon Studies in nearby Vermont invites 20 aspiring cartoonists and graphic novelists for a no-holds-barred education in comics. Several will be on hand to discuss their experiences: Jon Chad Dakota McFadzean Sophie Goldstein Julie Delporte Jai Granofsky