Twitter, Facebook and Livejournal spread the news! Plus, a correction on the nominees list.

While the announcements have just started to filter out to the traditional comics press sites (aside from first to the punch Wrights organizer Bryan Munn’s analysis over at Sequential) the social networking sites are driving a ton of people over to look at the nominees list including many of the honoured creators! The Twitter, Facebook and Livejournal traffic has currently tripled the previous highest number of daily hits the site has received since we changed to the blog format in late December 2008.

Also, the CCBCAA would like to take this time to apologize to cartoonist Michel Gagne, whose first name was mistakenly spelled Michael in the initial press release – now corrected on the site. This is Michel’s second JSA Cartoonist nomination for his “Saga of Rex” contributions to the annual Flight anthology.