invaders1The Joe Shuster Awards are based on Canadian citizenship and/or residency. Year in and year out we do our very best to expand our knowledge and resources related to talent. If we have missed your work, or we don’t have you listed in our Canadian Creators list, it’s not meant to be a snub. We want to know you!

A big part of the mission of the Canadian Comic Book Creators Awards Association is to promote the works of Canadian creators, retailers and publishers. It’s right there, in our mandate. So if you are a Canadian creator (print or webcomics), publisher or retailer please reach out to us. Let us know about you and where you live, what you’re working on. We are very proud of all the talent we have in Canada working within the industry — the ENTIRE industry!

The list of CCBCAA known Canadian creators can be found HERE and is meant to be a usable resource for connecting the Canadian comics community.

Further, our new award, The Gene Day Award for Self Publishing, will experience the same hurdles. This award was designed to spotlight and encourage comic creators who do not work within the common structure of comic publishing. We are certain based on our experiences in the field that there are hundreds of people out there producing interesting works for their love of the medium, but because these works aren’t distributed it’s difficult to know who is creating a work. This is why we made this award a submission award. It’s our job to get the word out about it’s existence but it’s your job to send us your work for consideration — please do! This is the only award to have a cash bursary attached to it, the goal of which is to help the self publisher with the cost of continuing to create great comics.

In order to qualify you must be a citizen and current resident of Canada. Anyone who writes and illustrates a comic book of their own creation (includes creative teams) and publishes and sells that comic independently of any other publishing company and does not currently have said works distributed by a third party distributor may submit their publication for review.

Format and content is at the discretion of the creators. Must include new content, not reprinted material from other sources (such as webcomics). There are no language restrictions for this award.

Entries should be sent to:

PO BOX 67031 – 2300 YONGE STREET
M4P 3C8

Closing date for submissions: Monday, May 18th, 2009.

Entries may be submitted in person to the Joe Shuster Awards booth at the following Canadian events:

* Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation (April 18-19)
* Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo (April 25-26)
* Toronto Comic Arts Festival (May 9, 10).