Rejected by Diamond: James Turner’s Warlord of Io mini-series

Warlord of Io & Other Stories (mini) #1 has been rejected by Diamond.

In an extensive op/ed piece, Comics Reporter Tom Spurgeon discusses the rejection of Canadian creator James (rex Libris) Turner’s mini-series follow-up to the Warlord of Io & Other Stories one-shot by Diamond Distributors (solicited by Slave Labor Graphics) as the original one-shot (which was published and distributed) did not sell well enough to the Direct Market for Diamond to carry the planned follow-up mini-series.

The first issue is available now on the SLG website for 99 cents as a PDF, while the one-shot can also be downloaded for $1.49.

The Warlords of Io & Other Stories one-shot
The Warlord of Io & Other Stories one-shot was released and distributed by Diamond.

Back in early February when we originally discussed some of the issues related to these changes at Diamond it was inevitable that we were going to see some great original works ending up on the wrong side of such a cut, and here is a prime example of it . It’s going to start happening a lot more over the coming months as the policy comes into effect.