JSA booth signings at TCAF: Artist profile Marcio Takara

Also signing at our booth at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this coming weekend is MARCIO TAKARA.Originally from Brazil, Marcio now resides in Toronto. Marcio was a professional graphic designer before, in 2006, he decided to shift gears and become a professional comic book artist. Since then he’s done work for videogame companies, marketing offices, commercials for tv, children’s books, toy companies and, of course, comics. He has worked on comics for Marvel, Coldfuzion, Chimaera and Image. He has also been a popular sketch artist at comics conventions in the Toronto area.

Marcio is currently the illustrator of Boom Studios’ Incredibles: Family Matters series with writer Mark Waid. The Incredibles series, based on the Disney/Pixar movie has been a bigger than anticipated hit with readers, and has been extended from a mini-series to a regular monthly series. The first trade paperback collection (issues 1-4) is due out in July 2009 and will be accompanied by a #0 issue.

Marcio will be appearing at the Joe Shuster Awards booth from 1-3 pm on Saturday & 1:30-3pm on Sunday at TCAF.


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