Newsarama: Looking back at the JSA

Over at Newsarama, Vaneta Rogers interviews Geoff Johns about his run on JSA/Justice Society of America and his collaborators on those comics, including Canadian artists Steve Sadowski, Leonard Kirk, and particularly Dale Eaglesham.

NRAMA: How was it to finish up with Dale Eaglesham after such a long run of artists on this book?

Geoff Johns: Dale was great. I worked with some brilliant collaborators. Steve Sadowski, who was the first artist. Leonard Kirk. Don Kramer, and then Dale. And each for about two years. And Rags Morales worked on some issues too. There’s so much going on with the JSA, with so many characters, it’s really a hard book to tackle artistically.

Most recently with Dale, he captured, for me, a real humor and humanity. There was a real humanity in what Dale did with these characters and the body language. They would come alive. He’s perfect at acting. He knows how to make all the characters act. So you see those great shots of Starman leaning into Mr. Terrific, or how stiff Citizen Steel is because he’s uncomfortable all the time, or Damage, who’s a little bit crunched down and defensive, like he’s about to take a shot at you. Everyone had a real distinctive way about them, so I knew I could deliver a script asking for character focused moments and character focused issues. JSA #26 is full of those, and you see what an artist like Dale can accomplish. Dale’s the absolute perfect and only guy for the relaunched Justice Society of America book.